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Large shareholders of the cash funds have to go

Large shareholders of the cash funds have to go? p wind information, according to statistics, in accordance with the changes as of the date of the calculation, since the beginning of the year to May 18, existing 956 listed companies appeared important shareholders holding reduction, a total reduction of number of shares about 235.04_yi million shares of reduced to a market capitalization of about ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 2955.24_yi billion yuan in the. And from the situation in 2014, the annual reduction of major shareholders holdings of shares in a total of about 22520000000 shares, reducing the market value of about 250558000000 yuan, are lower than the first four months of this year. That is, the first four months of this year, is the peak of the A shares of the shareholders of the listing Corporation. no doubt, A shares appear to reduce the tide, with the stock market enthusiasm, stock prices rose sharply, important shareholders in the stock price to achieve the goal, began to reduce cash, the interests of the capsule, to avoid the stock market volatility, volatility, E-CIG CHINA so that vested interests. should be said that the shareholders cash in the stock market is a very Disposable e cigarette normal phenomenon. No cash, no investment, there is no capital market. However, cash is not all the shareholders are able
to carry out the behavior, the important shareholders, especially the major shareholders, or there are some constraints. Generally speaking, large shareholders in cash, is not dare to step on the red line, the line is more regular. The key lies in the flow of cash flow, cash funds how to use. If the feedback of barrier in stock or investment in new industry, new industry, on the impact of the stock market is still relatively large, the economic sustainable development is also a disadvantage
of. to know that the main purpose of the establishment of the capital market is to increase the financing channels for enterprises, reduce financing costs, at the same time, regulate the operation and management of enterprises. So, for large shareholders, not only for business, responsible for themselves, but also to the market, not only to consider the interests of enterprises and individuals, but also to consider the interests of investors, to bring their own interests and interests of
the enterprise, market interests, the interests of investors closely together, so as to jointly build a good environment
for the stock market. is clear that not only the enterprise from the market to get the funds must be used for enterprise development, for technical innovation, for the market development, shareholders in the company’s appreciation, stock price rose after the capital, but also mainly used to support the Hot E Cig kits development of enterprises, for enterprises to add new vitality. Otherwise, it will lose the significance of the establishment of the capital market, the capital market will be greatly reduced the role of economic development. and from the actual situation of major shareholders in recent years, the majority of shareholders are able to follow such goals and requirements, the use of cash in other ways to invest in E-CIGARETTE CHINA business. For example, investment in new projects, the development of new products, and ultimately through asset injection, private placement and other ways to make new products, new projects into a Mechanical Mod and RDA new growth point, thereby greatly enhancing the enterprise’s sustainable development. p at the same time, it must see, some shareholders in cash, and not the fund financed to the stock market or for new products and new projects, but extravagant or transfer to go
abroad. The consequences of doing so will weaken the stock market’s sustainable.

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