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lead: Luo Tingxia Alice

lead: Luo Tingxia Alice, Yong Xuan Shenzhen partners on Demo8 online interview, answered the questions of market segments of the user demand point, investors in the pro gaze point and equity crowdfunding model etc Luo Tingxia Alice, Yong Xuan Shenzhen partner. Is mainly responsible for the TMT area of investment, leading the investment and management of multiple projects, involving industry and areas including animation, online games, mobile advertising, foreign trade business, the combination of hardware and software, the Internet finance. Alice graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science has successfully set up a education training institutions and a foreign trade dealer company. Work because the interest from private equity fund companies to enter the job hopping of Tencent, was responsible for international business development, business cooperation and strategic analysis of duties. 1 month 26 afternoon, Alice’s Demo8 online interview we answered the question about, the main market segments of the user demand point, investors in the pro gaze point and equity crowdfunding model etc In his view, in an angel round period, will focus more on the background of the founding team, and if to A after round, will attach more importance to the project itself, including data etc Alice says she is very optimistic about the future of industry of 4 mode, namely consumer demand, meet the needs of enterprise production through the integration of good logistics network and then output to consumers. The following Q amp; a record selected for : Q: we often hear a notion is that Venture Company don’t try to do it on the platform, we want to become a XXX platform of global XXX Nive out of ten will not to do, but should be cut from a breakdown of the market demand, and then expand the borrowing strength bigger longitudinal and transverse. But now the TMT market is becoming more and more segmentation, many Venture Company may be just starting to do is to resolve a demand point some even are not necessarily pain point, but later on the face of the development and transition, want to do platform. Take the investment may live longer, but still not resolved. Don’t know what do you think of A: actually, we are very optimistic about starting from a demand point, because for Venture Company, begin to do platform is very difficult, means that the supply and demand of the need to get at both ends, and cut a dot easier, and through the dots to meet demand, then gathered user, do platform will be easy many, like the spicy mother help, these big aunt, I feel just fine. Q: for example, social networking is still very fire, but do not do social is platform? Anonymous social, the stranger social, social, social video pictures is to solve a demand point, an endless stream of new products, the starting point of all kinds of different, to seek the person of hometown, looking for foreigners, to find the right one and so on, but most of the or to the extend that step is often into a bottleneck. A: most of the social class

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