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lead: mobile medical full of opportunities

lead: mobile medical full of opportunities, but also in urgent need of resources integration. Look forward to a person with breadth of vision to open the door to mobile health! now, the shortage of highquality medical resources nervous, Doctorpatient Communication Co., patient management. How to change the patient’s cognition and behavior to become urgent to solve the problem of medical effect. Seek good size must comply with the policy changes, the industry also need a surprise move. The mobile medical in the ascendant in realtime, ubiquitous characteristics will have significant benefits to patient management. according to the State Council issued the health service industry development ideas, in 2020 the total size of the health service industry reached 8 yuan and above. In 2013, China Mobile medical market scale of 2250000000 yuan, is expected in 2017 will reach 12000000000 yuan. Along with the technical innovation, a variety of emerging, and ecological circle mature, a part of the mobile medical treatment will be the health service industry can not be ignored. mobile medical full of opportunities, but also in urgent need of resources integration. Thus, the global and Chinese pharmaceutical industry leader Pfizer Inc Pfizer special joint, the Hong Hui capital, shell agency, entrepreneurial state and the medical profession top experts jointly held innovation E therapy business competition, to jointly explore the future mode of medical service, the excavation and support of great potential business team, to provide better medical care the majority of services for Chinese patients. it is understood that the contest will be held in Beijing in January 31, 2015, included two parts: Among them , mobile medical Roundtable will invite Pfizer managers, wellknown venture capital institutions partner, medical experts, outstanding entrepreneurs, to discuss the current situation and development direction of mobile medical. at the same time, activities will also focus on mobile medical topics, related business projects roadshow, and by the honored guest to the entrepreneurial projects, and indepth study of entrepreneurial team score. The winning team will get a bonus, signed letters of intent to invest field, and it is possible to obtain venture capital institutions and Pfizer Inc funding and resources to support. has a huge opportunities for innovation of mobile medical door, looking forward to a person with breadth of vision to jointly open! The Organizing Committee now invite mobile medical field of entrepreneurial team gongxiangshengju. Pay attention to mobile medical industry, entrepreneurial projects aimed at improving patient experience, improve the therapeutic effect of the team can sign up to participate in the competition. let us join hands in creating a healthy China! [] project requirements theme: improved medical experience, improve the therapeutic effect of considers the overall solution, but is not limited to the technical platform to display The field of disease is not restricted, can be directed to one or more diseases [ ] submitted materials core team member introduction and contact way project plan [ ] awards settings

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