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Li East p soon, network Headhunting extraordinary night extraordinary employer awards ceremony held, baidu eventually defeated the almost all outstanding Internet enterprise, stand out from more than 2000 companies, won the year 2015 extraordinary employer’s title, and appeared on the New York Times Square big screen, but also with other winners together to Silicon Valley with the US technology company employers direct dialogue. Baidu why can you get a special employer? p is different from other previous employers awards, this extraordinary employer award selection criteria are very special, selection expert judges by investment, media, industry and academic institutions and individuals, mainly consider whether the enterprise has the out of the ordinary work attitude, idea and the
future, which means that award means that industry of multiple aspects of company in the talent training, corporate culture, corporate mission and vision, the affirmation and recognition, high gold content. So, why Baidu can get extraordinary employer? I think there are three main reasons: first, the unique talent training mechanism. Baidu attaches great importance to the training of new employees, every new employee into the job will b
e arranged with a wealth of work and professional experience ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of the mentor, to help quickly understand corporate culture and learning skills, new staff so that a sense of belonging to
the very natural. And in Baidu will not be like some E-CIG CHINA companies like, seniority to rely on the Disposable e cigarette promotion, as long as have the ability can
obtain the space to grow. And Baidu at present many work independently of the executives are after the training experience of multiple departments and multiple exceptional promotion, step by step to grow up. For example, Li Mingyuan, vice president of the current Baidu is the youngest vice president of Baidu, such as the current general manager of Baidu map division, Lee Dong, et al. second, a unique corporate culture. In E-CIGARETTE CHINA Baidu, advocating a simple dependence on corporate culture, and, to promote a relaxed, free, harmonious work concept, Baidu’s colleagues are mutually cordial called students, and Baidu founder CEO Robin Li was the staff of the kind called director. In addition, whether from the aspects of salary, or in the development of space, Baidu will be able to produce a huge attraction for outstanding talent. Mechanical Mod and RDA third, advocating technology and focus on the future of corporate mission. Baidu is currently one of the most valued companies in the domestic Internet Hot E Cig kits Co, including Silicon Valley famous scientist Wu Enda as chief scientist, the establishment of the United States Research Institute in the United States, the annual meeting of Baidu World Congress held a regular meeting to show their latest technology research results and so on, have proved Baidu’s efforts in the exploration of cuttingedge technology. Especially this year, Baidu released the degree of the secret, but also proved that Baidu’s breakthrough in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and Baidu’s focus on the future, hoping to change
the world and life by technology companies

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