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Liu Kuang wrote said massage o2o platform reshuffle is accelerating

p soon, Liu Kuang wrote said massage o2o platform reshuffle is accelerating. Previously, massage Kung Fu Bear has completed the to push the acquisition of state and splinter house, recently Kung Fu Bear and completed the acquisition of Chou Heung, show that the door massage shuffle has begun to full speed. p from the point of view of the overall domestic massage development situation, has not yet formed several dominant pattern, but Kung Fu bear, point to, Yisheng home, MicroHand the advantage have gradually emerged. Kung Fu bear, point to, MicroHand is pure Internet companies, home Yisheng is traditional massage brand Fuqiao launched home massage platform, the future onsite massage field. It is thought that the Liu Kuang end there will only be a single large situation, then who will become the future of this area really rule? p recently, Analysys released the China’s service life 020 market annual special report 2015 in the selected MicroHand, point to, Kung Fu Bear and Yisheng home four brands, online time, capital, technicians resources, operations and user development efficiency, customer price, service provided the scope of these points were compar
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Yellow Blacked in detail. As a result, Yisheng home whether in service or in the supply side capacity occupy the absolute advantage, become the strongest comprehensive strength massage 020 service platform. p almost all people say, o2o will still eventually understand the traditional thinking of the Internet companies to gain the upper hand, whether there really so, Liu Kuang will on Analysys report for MicroHand, point to, Kung Fu Bear and Yisheng home for indepth analysis, explore what traditional businesses and pure Internet platform who would make the door massage master? , a pure Internet platform, point to point, cherish the Kung Fu Bear represented p, MicroHand, Kung Fu bear from numerous onsite massage services platform gradually come to the fore. Liu Kuang think, there are five point is worth to draw lessons from the successful experience p the first point: MicroHand, point to, Kung Fu Bear and many onsite massage services platform to take the strategy is not the same, they started choose start from for Internet enterprise customers. As we all know, the Internet companies, especially the technical staff, most people because of the long front of the computer sitting, how many will be some neck and shoulder diseases, and by the early focus on customers and site resources are very concentrated enterprise, for the technician travel service also eliminates the need for a lot of trouble, to enhance the efficiency of the service. At the same time, enterprise customers may become the potential customers of home and home massage service, as well as the publicity, the establishment of a customer’s choice of home massage service based on trust. br the second point: in order to make it easier for consumers to accept family massage service, MicroHand through and highend restaurants, leisure style coffee shop, gym and other places of consumption cooperation try to push the site massage service. Through the scene of the circuitous strategy, make hand massage service has also been recognized by many consumers.

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