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lucky fox the continuous devaluation of the RMB dollar interest rate hedge heating| slow schedule yesterday August 12th the global concerns of the RMB devaluation continues

[lucky fox] the continuous devaluation of the RMB dollar interest rate hedge heating; slow schedule yesterday August 12th the global concerns of the RMB devaluation continues, following a sharp fall in Wednesday, the yuan continued to fall Tuesday, triggering a global slowdown in the Chinese economy triggered fears of global inflation, and the global downturn is bound to make the Fed will not raise interest rates prematurely. If Yellen still has a plan to raise interest rates in September, then the world’s second largest economy, a sharp E-CIGARETTE CHINA depreciation of the currency told her that the rules of the game changed, Yellen also had to re evaluate the point of interest E-CIG CHINA rates. p specific market, the dollar index fell hit 96 mark, to a five week low, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates is expected to cool down; the euro’s rise against the dollar hit 1.12, affected by the appreciation of the renminbi arbitrage open positions and the Greek relief support; spot price of gold even rise five, hit a three week high, benefit the worries of the Renminbi depreciation; silver Mechanical Mod and RDA spot for seven consecutive days Yang received nearly a month since the high touch, also stands to benefit to the devaluation of the RMB should be made of the risk
aversion; crude oil prices again, forming high pattern of decline, due to inventory reduction and the decline in the dollar. yesterday to weaken the dollar index, fell 97 mark, the minimum to 95.91. Mainly due to a slowdown in China’s risk aversion caused by the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to cool down, while the United States to put pressure on the U.S. bond yields weak, to suppress the dollar, and the Fed’s three to put the risk of external risk Dudley also put pressure on the dollar. yesterday the RMB against the U.S. dollar fell to 6.44 yuan, the lowest since August 2011. The central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar at 6.3306 yuan, lower than Tuesday. Shanghai’s foreign exchange traders said the Central Bank of China’s stateowned banks to sell the dollar. Central bank intervention Disposable e cigarette is to keep the RMB against the U.S. dollar in the vicinity of 6.43 yuan. p in
addition, released Wednesday, China 7 month industrial, investment and consumption data overall is expected to decline over the, with previously PPI hit their lowest level in nearly six years and import and export Shuangjiang more than 8%, showing internal economy downward pressure on the larger, in the second half growth exist breaking seven risk. 8.13 spot silver and the analysis of the situation of your bank: p yesterday because of the RMB for the second consecutive day devaluation leads to risk aversion, the United States refers to the decline, gold and silver have closed up, silver spot is the 7th consecutive received the highest tested positive 3150 Hot E Cig kits yuan kg, day fluctuation range of nearly 150 yuan. From the day, the price of silver has been a breakthrough on the rail brin repression, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Bollinger began opening, MACD divergence upward run on below the 0 axis, red energy
groups continue to grow, long energy enhancement, KDJ divergence upward at the top of the 50, lucky silver fox think this level bulls advantage, strong power of bulls from four; hours, the price of silver rose further, Bollinger Bands opening, and upward divergence, MACD upward divergence in the 0 axis, red energy column becomes longer, the long form two volume, KDJ upward divergence in the overbought zone, lucky fox think this level bulls advantage, the index below into the overbought Zone, beware of the recent retaliatory step back to childhood; when the line, the price of silver along brin

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