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make our world more beautiful languageThe language is one of the world

make our world more beautiful languageThe language is one of the world, on the whole, the language of the world must be better than the real world. First, the art of language of literature. The most elegant language function is to act as the carrier of literature. Most of us have seen the works of literature, is a beauty praise, has the enlightenment function. We walk in the literature of the field, bathed in the true the good and the beautiful sunshine, breathing the fresh air of freedom, the spirit of healthy, comfortable, by the baptism of the spirit, sucking the food and nutrition, even the wicked man will get a little edification and education, became a little cute. Second, language is a communication tool. When a person to his inner world through language naked in front of the world, there must be some consideration and processing, a bit reserved and reserved, a little thought and care, so that his words, his inner world is slightly better than a little, at least to the hearts of the nasty things to filter out the. Third, culture, people often have to contact the written language and the written language, but also better than spoken language, it has more refined processing, composition, with more rhetoric and logic considerations, and always after the editor, editor and proofreader review correction, the form of more standardized, elegant and pure. I want to create a world of language is better than the reality of our world. Needless to say, our world has many not so good ingredients, such as ignorant, vulgar, coarse, capricious, selfish, greedy, stingy, overbearing, covet, calculating, insidious, cheeky, hypocrisy, indifference, treachery, ingratitude, ingratitude, and of every hue or evil and ugly everywhere in our life, pollution our environment, harm and damage to us, give us the spirit to bring grievances and trauma, so we have to turn to the language of the world to seek relief, seek peace and An Tai, just like other people from the audiovisual world find comfort and happiness. Therefore, I have a kind of demand perfection even carp attitude towards language instinct of typos and errors, as the body scars and scabies, be about to sweep away quickly, the language of the world clean, in order to place your soul. read writer Qian Hongli’s prose life as by the prose in 2015 fourth, written in Hefei she spent 10 years of experience, has written the king and the people, there are a lot of small household affairs, especially writing her motherinlaw pickled wax. The story is left a deep impression, as a woman, to appreciate the tone of writing my motherinlaw is rare. But a few typos found in reading, picked out for children’s shoes. at the beginning of a sentence: mediocre trivial is a great harm to my stamp. Poke the harm, this word? From the shape of view, it is possible to kill a word write error. Their mean serious damage, damage, generally more abstract such as the soul and collocation, in full compliance with the sentence. Damage is a common word, perhaps the author Qianlvyishi, does not rule out the knowledge of the blind spot. We are in the dictionary.

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