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many friends have said that the old gun son goodlooking

many friends i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes have said that the old gun son goodlooking, just got one night in January, took a wife to see. The teacher and lawyer’s wife and read old gun said: it is lawless, the problem is not against the law, solve by fighting! I did not speak, I also have my view, I feel that a word is not clear, want to say a few words. Due to the very low writing ability of the earliest time wiped clean, watching the movie, but on the spot to produce more than a few ideas, is really rare, the heart says to find time to write well written feedback. This release, there is always something. people busy, time is too slow. After reading is still less than a month, the feeling has been very distant past, a lot of episodic memory has been blurred. At noon today in accidentally see a word in the blog, the spirit of the old gun, shocked, goose bumps play a body, that we do not write a few words, I want to say that a few words all forget. buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online said before, said the first point the way to avoid any misunderstanding. A movie’s mission is to tell a good story, sound effects should be around this purpose, the good effect is the icing on the cake. Personally feel that the film, the story is still good. Comments on
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Mens Kevin Durant 8 AAA 151126012cters, not the film quality evaluation, discussion of plot, not on the film works Zang not, on a bad guy in the movie, scold bad role, not to say that the actor bad. A bad speech was bad enough, penetrating, buy air max shoes online then this actor is a good actor, should praise. Online to see an article, discussed the old gun from Feng Xiaogang’s origin, social status, in the early years of struggle, personal conduct to i like air max shoes discuss, finally came to the conclusion that Feng Xiaogang is an old gun son, this elder brothers deviation was really too far away, it is no language coagulate choke. This movie, Feng Xiaogang is only an actor, the director is not him, even if he is the director, this discussion is not appropriate, the film is a kind of art creation. to discuss the film art form, I was an amateur, to discuss the shooting techniques, expression, and so on, I am incompetent, can only say a few words on the content of the experience, based on the plot and the role i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes of the film. p was particularly want to say the first sentence, the socalled old gun son, but is an old rogue, although the old rogue, disposition did not shift, who stands so a father, so tall, such a husband, to the eight life blood of mold. The second sentence is , our society is not reduced to need to the point when rogue moral model. third words, the old gun son of their generation, far from what they advertised as perfect, smashing cultural relics, burn books is almost their generation, hit the teacher, exposing their parents is their generation. In China’s current environment, not to say that the moral, old guns are despised by the younger generation in general is far better than the old gun son buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of a generation. p the fourth sentence, old gun closed mouth is now
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes From China young people how, in fact, the younger generation is far from so unbearable, each generation of people are dismissive of a generation of pies, young
Cheap Kevin Durant 4 Shoes Men From China people are not too bad, but their thoughts, pies and vision still stays in the past years

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