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: March 26

?: March 26, by Nanhua futures Beijing Branch sponsors IZC poker league and trading psychology analysis event was successfully held in Harbin Zoo cafe. From the elite of the Nanhua futures will poker operating
practices and futures actual transaction analogy, for futures ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA trading may face trading psychology, game strategy of probability analysis, the layman analysis and explanation. Forwarded: by futures daily and Securities Times Co sponsored the Ninth National futures
firm competition, since March start date, participating enthusiasm unabated, ITF continues to heat up. Until recently, there have been 308 customers to participate in the competition by Nanhua futures. Forwarding?: August 19, Nanhua futures together in Harbin Zoo cafe, as investors portrait held a thank you, Ambassador to the zoo before Internet financial theme series salon, onsite to share Internet accounts, such as stock index Disposable e cigarette futures knowledge, to answer questions from investors attending commentate be puzzled. Forwarding?: August 19, by the Hangzhou Shangcheng District Sports Bureau held zhe shui design Cup table tennis in high Silver Lane passion start, Nanhua futures actively E-CIG CHINA participate and get excellent results, atop the women’s singles champion. Forwarding?: August 19, Nanhua futures Oil Association of Henan Province
to join the, jointly organized by the 2015 under half the oil feed strategy report. Around the domestic and international macroeconomic level of development and change, in 2015 oil and oil Hot E Cig kits and aquaculture industry status and prospect, the scene of a hundred guests on Mechanical Mod and RDA the exchange and discussion. Nanhua
futures will continue to organize such exchanges, to provide more comprehensive investment to help investors. Forwarding?: June 18, Nanhua futures central region on the semi annual work conference held in Hangzhou, deputy general manager Zhang Zijian, district business and business dept manager attended the meeting. Meeting, Zhang Zijian deputy general for 16 months throughout a large area operation of simple analysis of
comments, and has put forward the new requirement to the future work. Each business department and business department manager in the first half of the work carried out in the first half of the current work, the existing problems and future work plan. Forwarding?: June 17, Nanhua futures luoxu Feng, general manager Mr. and Mr. Zhu bin, deputy general manager and Nanhua Futures Hong Kong Limited vice chairman Yan Shuping lady, in Hangzhou E-CIGARETTE CHINA reception met with vice mayor of Chicago, Steve Koch Steve Koch, hereinafter referred to as Steve and Chicago Investment Promotion Bureau Jeff May Horn Jeff malehorn. Forwarding:7 month 11, private company operations and global asset allocation conference held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, in order to exchange, enhance, cooperation for the purpose of the Southern China futures private club formally established. Nanhua futures as one of the sponsors, Zhu bin, deputy general manager of the company, director of the Institute, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech. Forwarding?: futures simulation of the Golden League! Third season hot start! I want the gold rush to sign up!

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