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May 22nd New York time 9:30

May 22nd New York time 9:30, Jingdong listed, href= with 6100000000 dollars in the ranks of the super rich. But even more striking than this is a href rel = Liu Qiang east of the old feelings. it is reported that, in the New York Stock Exchange ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA listed bell sounded, the current girlfriend tea sister href= did not appear in the scene, and his first love girlfriend Gong Xiaojing is quietly in the field. But Jingdong executives have argued that, whether it is tea sister or Gong
Xiaojing, are not listed on the scene in Disposable e cigarette jingdong. No matter how the truth, let us have a look Gong Xiaojing who is also.
Gong Xiaojing is Liu Qiangdong’s first female friend and partner, according E-CIGARETTE CHINA to E-CIG CHINA alumni and the official introduction, Gong Xiaojing should be the official name, Gong Xiaojing is also true. according to the micro channel public number GPLP broke the news
, Liu Qiangdong and Gong Xiaojing is the campus affair, Liu Qiangdong 92 years in Suqian identity was admitted to the
National People’s Congress Sociology Department of undergraduate, Gong Xiaojing can be found in the data
is the 98 level of Social Science Department of the graduate students undergraduate situation is not found. It is also the two alumni fellow alumni. From 2003 to, the National People’s Congress of the social sciences alumni record can be seen in the full name of the company of Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong Beijing Jingdong and Chang Technology Co., Ltd.. Liu Qiangdong said in an interview with the media, Gong Xiaojing home has been a continuous three generations in politics, a strong character. Jingdong Mall name in Beijing word, namely, from Gong Xiaojing, East is taken from Liu Qiangdong. Later Qiang East business, was against the family that detract from the fact that the graduate of Renmin University of China went to ZhongGuanCun to sell software is a shame, cummer home also does not support, the two eventually broke up. Hot E Cig kits two, Gong Xiaojing went to a central ministries work, Liu Qiangdong began to fight in Zhongguancun. Stem from a small counter electronic city, from online CD sales to other demand for commodities in the online sales of old people food and clothing, Jingdong has become Mechanical Mod and RDA a powerful business leaders, with a challenging Ma strength. media

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