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micro business although the reputation in the circle is not very good

micro business although the reputation in the circle is not very good, but it is different from how to do micro business, we have seen the micro business is mostly not to make money, how to make money the micro business is what, their marketing thinking is characterized by. we understand that the micro business is mostly a friend of the circle of advertising feedback, do a good micro business these methods have not been used, they are mainly to study how to get more quality products, how to carry out more accurate drainage, continuous learning new promotion techniques, using automated tools for marketing promotion. one, more quality products p two days earlier in the circle of friends see such a piece, said circle of friends of the micro business advertising a lot less, there is no so much variety of extreme Chicken Soup for the soul, then the micro business where, two kinds of views told us the truth, one is dry micro business did not go down to wash her hands the, another is making money retired, ha ha. rely on micro channel development of many brands, including many of the company’s production or on a variety of television products, today many have disa
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes White Purple Stripeppeared in people’s eyes, but the micro business model is not wrong, but a large part of people with the wrong way, in order to not achieve the high degree of communication of the micro business, the image of the different and different and forgotten in the circle of friends. today’s micro business is to have a stable production and quality products market, the media reported yesterday that Amway to enter the micro business area, and they are not relying on a circle of friends marketing, most of which rely on micro channel mall based, typical case such as logical thinking bookstore. p derivative has now entered into the traditional brand in the market, these brands have a certain market share, is the use of micro business sales channels, this is has the quality of the products, for micro business has a lot to do. They had come into the such a layer on the surface of, and is no longer a circle of friends hair mask and receivables feedback, application of micro mall, let more niche and has certain market products gradually usher in new opportunities. two, more accurate drainage we all know that in the Internet or mobile Internet is also good, traffic is very important, the user number of repeat purchase rate = market share, which is the micro business publicity. used to lead traffic to try various ways, including the people near the floating bottle, micro channel public platform account, forum, blog, Baidu news source, QQ group and other channels, which is a very effective way of early development. Later came out of the group plus micro channel red envelopes, attention to the public number of micro channel public number to share the exchange of cash, etc micro channel as a result of some of the closure, as well as the official personal micro signal or micro channel public platform has some limitations, traffic has become a big problem, although there are a number of micro signal through the authentication of access to the third party website

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