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Mother’s day

Mother’s day, there are songs and flowers and two pumpkin flowers!. When receiving his son from afar to send SMS blessing after learns: Oh, today is mother’s day! See the mobile phone screen, I wish mom happy holidays! And a drift of the gold sense of happiness! Then why should you do it, all the things that are as. From the media to see one side of the report, in May 6th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, told the three stories, one story is: a citizen to travel abroad, need to fill in the ’emergency contact’, he wrote his mother’s name, and the relevant departments to provide proof of his material, your mother is your mother! The prime minister’s voice just fell, the venue was suddenly laughter. Prime Minister Lee said: this how to prove it? It’s a big joke!. Category: Qingming and to the memory of her mother winter to spring to another year, her mother left us for three years. 2012 lunar lunar January eleven at 10:30 in the evening, a ninetyone year old woman riding a crane to the west, left us forever. It is said that the world on the relationship between the most difficulty, I and her
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Orange White mother did not dare to intercede with the mother and daughter, but also live together in peace together for 28 years. In retrospect, although some bumps, but feel more tolerant, understanding, harmony and happiness. hardships, she was born in May 15, 1922 in a rural village in Pingguo county. Although born in a wealthy family, did not enjoy the rich miss blessing. The mother was very young, her mother died. As the eldest sister to care for her father later taking two mom, three mother gave birth to children, want to do farm work. Married to my father, or the same hard. Grandfather’s father work in the county government, the fatherinlaw outside the school, the family without a male labor, her motherinlaw tending her husband’s brother, care and brother age brotherinlaw and sisterinlaw, toiling home?. category: old, these things after finishing on the new year when I was a child, who lives in Western Guangxi small town. Odd firecrackers heard in the twelfth lunar month feel fast, have the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival approaching, the adults have a lot of things to buy. Category: see the fivestar red flag in Taipei a song winter to Taipei to see the rain, the beautiful melody deep impression. Last October 16th to 21, a trip to Taiwan. When the eighth Strait Taipei Tourism Trade Fair in the world trade center, Taipei 101 building, the building. 18 day, in addition to the scene to see the tourist trade will be crowded, but also to see the scene in the mainland of China absolutely can not see. first, the eighth Strait Taipei Tourism Fair situation. The exhibition, just propaganda materials, no practical line pricing, fewer people, seemed deserted. Taiwan exhibition people such as weaving, streams of people busily coming and going. Mainly is many travel agencies during the exhibition play promotion war, promotional activities varied, theatrical performances, and have a small gift, quiz, and so on.:

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