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N930 and other flagship models

with N900, N930 and other flagship models, cool in the highend smart phone market has a firm foothold. After entering in 2011, continue to consolidate the highend smart phone market at the same time, cool start force, the lowend market. Recently, Yulong Coolpad, executive vice president of Li Wangyang, said 2011 cool will fully develop the Android smartphone market, will launch more than 20 variety of 3G smartphones, including high, medium and low grade models, which is about 800 yuan Android phones upcoming. Throughout the strategy is not difficult to find cool cool, cool to try in high, medium and lowend smart phone market across the board to break through. After the release of the 3G license, the smart phone market share has been as high as 80%. IDC data show that the fourth quarter of 2010, the mobile terminal manufacturers sold a total of 101000000 smart phones, an increase of 87%, sales of more than PC. IDC also predicted that the 2013 smartphone shipments will exceed the non smart phones, non smart phones gradually fade out of the mobile phone market. Such as cool, HUAWEI, such as domestic mobile phone manufacturers are clearly aware that this is a great business opport
Mens Nike Terra Sert White Creamunity, have increased investment in the smart phone market. in just the past in 2010, cool for the telecom 3G market launched N900 and N930 and other highend models, and get a good market response. In the highend smart phone market, cool to succeed. Tracing to its source, the success of cool, one is due to its strong R amp; D team and technology innovation ability, second is thanks to cool to customer demand accurate grasp. Among them, continuous technical inputs, keep cool outstanding technical R amp; D capability become cool became popular in the highend market a gun is the key factor. has been the technology is a short board of domestic mobile phone brands. Cool also know that there is no strong technical innovation ability is difficult to break through the heavy siege of foreign brands. To this end, cool every year to invest huge sums of money for technology research and development. According to cool relevant sources, the number of mobile phone patents cool every year more than 1000. Although many mobile phone manufacturers are using Andriod this open mobile phone system, but the two cool cool on the Andriod platform development, the cool mobile phone to create a differentiated product market. In addition to the needs and habits of China’s local consumers and the habit is very understanding, cool mobile phone has a very strong viscosity. with technology and understanding of the advantages of the market, cool after the occupation of the telecom 3G highend smart phone market, but also to start the layout of China Unicom 3G market. In the rapid popularization of 3G, cool well aware of the highend smart phone market profits, although large, but the lowend smart phone is the main market, after all, the highend user market is limited. Based on this understanding, cool in 2011 will force the lowend smart phone market. due to cool in the highend smart phone market has accumulated a wealth of experience, the force, the lowend market will make it more obvious advantages. Can not be ignored is that cool has international product

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