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new rural cooperative one card: let 120000 farmers at home to enjoy the star level service trainee reporter correspondent Liu Yuanwen Mount Huangshan this’ card ‘is really convenient

new rural cooperative one card: let Hot E Cig kits 120000 farmers at home to enjoy the star level service trainee reporter correspondent Liu Yuanwen Mount Huangshan this’ card ‘is really convenient! Take it
to the village health room, a brush can be reimbursed, outpatient service only a piece of money. Recently, in Fangcheng District Hua Zhen Shi Chong min village clinics, village Qiu Yonggang take the NCMS card pleased to reporters said. Qiu Yonggang said the one card is the autonomous region health department in our city pilot implementation of the new rural cooperative IC joint card. It is understood, the card while both four big functions, it is the participation of farmers pay participation, electronic health records, medical care, settlement subsidy vouchers, outpatient and inpatient subsidy funds settlement account, or peasants E-CIG CHINA voluntarily withhold payment of the account. At the same time, the card also has a cup cartoon deposit, cross line transfer, credit card spending and other financial functions. in recent years, as the new rural cooperative medical care, one card pilot cities, the city in the steady progress of the one card pilot work, and constantly improve the new rural cooperative me
dical service management level. At present, the city has 125800 participating farmers enjoy the convenience of one card. in Chong min village, reporters saw this card and the general debit card is basically the same, it is also marked with the cardholder’s name, gender, address and other personal information on the medical number, on the computer, the computer can immediately ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA display a card holders E-CIGARETTE CHINA of detailed information, including what disease, doctors prescribe what kind of
medicine. is reported, 1 yuan money, free drug delivery is the implementation of the new health care reform policy, the city is effective to solve the problem of farmers, a doctor is difficult, expensive, and actively explore the new rural cooperative medical care system and rural health management and operation of a new model, is a rural area to provide quality, affordable, convenient medical services new way. This policy, effectively changed the past farmer incurable ailment,
serious illness could phenomenon, the more convenience the door to see a doctor. p Hua Shi Zhen Chong min Cun Cun min Disposable e cigarette Lin uncle repeatedly praised the one card: in the village it is easy to see a doctor, but also very cheap. Have a headache and fever illnesses, a credit card, only need to spend a dollar cost of diagnosis and treatment, can in clinic treatment,
drugs can be directly removed twenty dollars less than, very affordable, very convenient. p Fangcheng, according to District Health Bureau relevant responsible person introduced, at present, Chong Cun min farmers use card, the basic realization of the participation of farmers to new rural cooperative medical system IC card can be from the village to the city, four hospital card in hospital to see a doctor, instant access to new rural cooperative finance subsidy and Mechanical Mod and RDA settlement of medical expenses. according to statistics, as of November, the city has collected more than 58 copies of the IC joint card issuers, information has been entered into the new rural cooperative medical system 570000 copies, has issued 125800 copies of the new IC joint card to agriculture

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