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no arms candidates two college entrance examination 603 points surrendered answer

no arms candidates two college entrance examination 603 points surrendered answer. Panzhihua is concerned about the no arm of the candidates, Peng Chao, the college entrance examination score of 603 points, 13 points higher than the estimated score. He is this year, Sichuan, one of the first special candidates to take care of one of the beneficiaries of the policy, the 45 minutes of language delay, and finished answer. June 22nd West China Metropolis Daily There are no legal barriers to the entrance of the disabled persons in the , the people’s Republic of China Education Law stipulates that citizens are not divided into ethnic, racial, gender, occupation, property status, religious belief and so on. At the same time, it is clear: the State supports and develops the education of disabled persons. However, due to the Mechanical Mod and RDA objective conditions, they will inevitably encounter more difficulties than ordinary candidates in the examination room. May 15 this year, Ministry of education, the China Disabled Persons Federation jointly issued the disabled persons to participate in the ordinary higher school admissions unified national examination management provisions Provisional, Disposable e cigarette from the college entrance E-CIG CHINA examination this year, China will be the disabled candidates to provide conveniences for the necessary and reasonable, including allowed to have special needs of disabled candidates comes with special tables and chairs to take the exam, and particularly difficult
for writing, candidates extended test time. No arm candidates, Peng Chao is the beneficiary of this new rule. He is also very good, did not let the people who care about him. a net friend in the news after the message said: give you 45 minutes to extend the examination time, no one said it is not fair; you test 603 points, no one is not moved by you. Undoubtedly
represents the majority of people’s voice, both expressed on the no arm of the candidates, the admiration and blessing, but also to the more humane college entrance examination new regulations expressed support and appreciation. However, there are also netizens have issued a doubt: college entrance examination result is good, in the future to find a good job? Net friend said, I believe it is not for the evil scenery, not to pour cold water, but the no arm candidates in the future ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA life and work more longterm care and concern. p is well known, although criticized. However, due to historical, economic, social and psychological reasons, employment discrimination never seem to have disappeared. Some employers in the recruitment and selection, processing the some strange
restrictions, and expedites the emergence of the all kinds of discrimination in employment: regional discrimination, age discrimination, gender discrimination, hepatitis B discrimination, Huji discrimination, discrimination in education, ABO discrimination, Zodiac discrimination, lefthanded discrimination and so on. Discrimination against people with disabilities is one of the most common. According to media reports, at least 20 provinces and cities in
our country are suspected E-CIGARETTE CHINA of medical eligibility criteria for the disabled, which includes such as two or two of the lower limbs can not be used; two leg length discrepancy of more than 5 cm not qualified the limit of physical disability. In addition, there are 19 provinces autonomous regions and municipalities to the physical examination standard, and appearance of provisions, such as: facial scar with larger area, hemp, hemangioma or vitiligo, melanin mole, unqualified; and about whether the correct facial features, appearance and education teaching
ability is not directly related to the discriminatory provisions. Even the national Hot E Cig kits selection of teachers have similar terms, not to mention other industries, other units. no arm candidates

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