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not buy tickets in advance

# resigned to stray wild people Ethiopia #D180 br Ethiopia each city car station is the rogue local ruffians and hooligans gathered, can speak discount lebron james website a little English, they will actively provide travel information for tourists and also for visitors to design various traps and tricks. br to Ethiopia has half a month, have been very successful, and yesterday’s negligence is not happy, sent to online summary of their own journey of problems, but also for the future to Ethiopia to travel you mention a wake up. br in Ethiopia car try to sit VIP bus local bus or sky and other car companies, and at the ticket window, if you want to sit miniBUS try to avoid those local ruffians and hooligans Guide in fact, is unable to avoid, once catch ultimately pay for the socalled wizard, also before driving must drivers and confirm the fare. br yesterday morning to visit to ARBA Minch bus station asked to gold
Lebron James 10 Mid Top Shoes Men car trips, on the way encountered a troll, asked where people where to go? Chat also provide some i love cheap jordans wholesale information, said several i like lebron james 2016 times thank you again, or has been to the bus station. The station window staff meeting English, so it acts as a role of translation. Then kept badgering the fee information, with hundreds
Lebron James 10 Shoes Men of meters in the traffic lights to sha
Mens Lebron James 10 Mid Top Shoes White Red Blackke him off. br the Ethio pian to gold bus at 5:30 in the morning start, drive 6h; also 10:0012:00 and two classes miniBUS, Pakistan 100birr minibus 110birr, drive to the 5h, not buy tickets in advance, sit full of go. br back to the hotel and small partners to discuss, to improve every daytime walk faster of the day, decided to take a miniBUS
Lebron James 10 Shoes Women noon to gold. We SA 11 to the station by a group of local ruffians surrounded, heard that we go to the card which a wear sweater man took us to a bus before, say the car is his father’s today Ethiopia Christmas ticket prices to 150birr, and show 150birr invoice let us pay for it. We told him that he had already asked the station staff to know the fare was 100birr, and i like air jordan shoes men then he didn’t have a reason. Soon he was on the train again asked whether the students, students can discount tickets to 130birr, we still did not pay attention to him. May the holidays go gold reasons, especially small, etc. nearly 1H, Pakistan is not filled to change into light. This sweater male in the discount kids air jordan shoes first time told us this information, and said the minibus fare is 200birr, we privately also asked the a shirt of a passenger fare case, unexpectedly i love jordan nubuck men partnership cheat us is 200birr. In addition to the fare that sweater men also asked us to pay the fee 50birr package of the luggage, we he a lot of dispute back luggage ready to back to the hotel to take the second day of the bus. The sweater to pull our male station, said don’t luggage fee. Then we also make the mistake of unexpectedly and this sweater male to confirm we only pay the fare of the prices of the same local people after the return to the car. The other car and are also quite harassment requirements in advance to pay the fare, the car.

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