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not only has no effect

text China World Trade Center Changchun a socalled experts, first explain some diseases harm to human health, and then gradually introduce some sort of magic discount kids air jordan shoes products, with benefit the audience to explain
Lebron James 10 MYP Women the personal experience, to sell the medicine to the audience. In recent years, this kind i love cheap jordans wholesale of similar programs in a number of satellite TV loop play. Many viewers especially older viewers, mostly is to listen to the advertisement of this i like lebron james 2016 and prefer to take out years of savings to buy the God medicine health, and in return money loss, illness of incur loss through delay, even greater consequences. And the socalled God medicine is just some ordinary health food, there is no treatment effect, and the socalled experts are mostly found no one. Recently, the , Changchun International received a lot of friends broke the news are listen to the TV publicity of less stomach soup deceived, not only has no effect, call the Advisory also let to continue taking, complaints will be refused to answer the phone. To this end, China World Trade Center, Changchun conducted a discount lebron james website survey, found that such ads in Jilin TV, Shaan
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Greenxi satellite TV, Guangdong satellite TV and a number of TV stations have broadcast, broadcast around the station more. The first one is called the old medicine less stomach soup products,
Lebron James Low Top Shoes is a man named Zhao Wei cardiovascular expert seminar. This product 598 yuan to buy two boxes to send a box, China World Trade Center, Changchun, after consulting staff recommended that should be used to buy five boxes to send four boxes of the program, the price of 1789 yuan. And when asked about the product approval number, the staff but only inform production batch number is QSFB00032012, approval number that the other side is not clear, the food and Drug Administration’s Web site did not check to the product. And another called a trefoil decrease stomach soup products, staff is provides the approval document number, investigation is a kind of health food, and registered the name is card isa isa tea, in the product Changchun International Trade see the name is marked on the right angle is small. And this product’s speaker is said to Li Chiming
Lebron James 10 Kid expert, has its original Capital Medical University Affiliated Hospital, the first medical university professor, i love jordan nubuck men famous prescription expert, original Beijing longfu hospital, vice president, Chinese medicine will be chairman of the different identity, participated in the imperial foot, Ganoderma lucidum Astragalus capsule, depending on the easy to add, Hantaoye soft capsule, Fufanghaishe capsule etc. multiple product advertising. And Baidu Encyclopedia of Li Chiming experts but for surgical experts. Comparison of the two reduction in the stomach of advertising, Zhao Wei experts and experts Li Chiming in advertising in the same advertising! i like air jordan shoes men and there are users also exposed another expert called Zhao Bei to record the production process to reduce belly advertising. To remind everyone, beware be duped, also called on relevant departments for the television and radio stations of false advertising should be a thorough investigation of strict control, will not be tolerated!

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