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on both the high points

on both the high points, humble, long discussion. However, people always rake up the past, still always enjoy it. first, the basic study of the choice of space, the technical side of the study focused on the timing. When we talk about the fundamentals, we tend to E-CIGARETTE CHINA study whether it is and growth in the value of the firm, which is space research. When we talk about the technical side, it is time to study the timing and grasping the top signal. second, the basic analysis of the space: mean regression, technical analysis that space: the trend of the division. The fundamental analysis of the market, Mr. market will make mistakes too, picking up and then in the market Hot E Cig kits to make a mistake too high to sell baby, which is based on the theory of mean regression. Technical analysis believes that space should be divided by the trend and E-CIG CHINA space, the trend is up, take advantage of long, downward trend, to take advantage of short positions. As
long as the upward trend, and the market can be together to make mistakes; as long as the trend is down, short positions do not move, see g
old also unmoved. third, the basic analysis of the time: black box theory, technical analysis of the Mechanical Mod and RDA time: uneven distribution. Fundamental analysis, I as long as a low price to buy, sell high price, time I cannot judge, only need to grasp can be both ends. This is the black box or black box theory. a href rel = Buffett used year Zui oil, from the technology said: early,
in value, the. Some value investors keep stocks such as truly ass by eating the calm state, this is the ordinary people can only envy, to know that a good state of mind is not easy! Can endure is not easy! Can persist too need courage!
Technical analysis believes that is not uniform distribution, we need to grasp the good point, because there are a lot of time is useless sideways, shock interval down low, shortterm, mediumterm and longterm the essential difference lies in the filtering of time is not the same degree of. In the short term to be filtered into daily level hold on what days, median filtering to the weekly level hold even a few weeks, long term is to look at on line, or even a longer period. In short, there is no difference between the length of the line, the key lies in the filter is good, and grasp the right to be allowed. fourth, basic analysis and technical analysis are a way to analyze the stock, which is a blend of local. We know that time and space are conserved, and even some people say that time and space is a thing I do not Disposable e cigarette know whether it is a philosophical or scientific level, ha ha. In fact, the fundamental analysis and technical analysis in the brain, with a common way of thinking. Such as things, day, circle and so on. In fact, a lot of people are combined with the two, hoping to avoid the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA risk and maximize the best return.
But it is sad and regrettable that most people are not

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