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p a trustworthy. We always list better pass through the ages, the story: Shang Yang in the wartorn years standing for the letter and reform, and ultimately help the Qin unified world, Ji Bu in the era of the dynasties and trustworthy unabated won praise promise reputation, spindle the free being a curse of Liu Bang, of course, keep will lose, for dishonest, balefire drama princes, wolf stories also abound. Yesterday, the circle of friends is a no matter how you change, I still love you message scraper, so I picked ghosts mentality of a point to open a to see, unexpectedly is a new version of the renminbi’s announcement, which makes me think of all of a sudden, the history of the development of monetary and did not credit upgrade history? From the popularity of the antiquity of the Peng Bay traded to gold and silver to 11 month a new version of the Renminbi issue. The evolution of general equivalent transformed from a scarcity of goods into the common goods, if not the people of money, government and other people’s Credit Trust upgrade who is willin
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Blueg to take the gold and silver in exchange for a stack of papers? In fact, money as a financial instrument, the appearance of any change, it is only a financial product service, if the depth of speaking, and it is not so much trust in money as a financial form of trust, financial technology upgrade, however, after thousands of years of development, the financial service way is not able to get rid of the physical form, until the arrival of the Internet era. in this era can be paid in kind in real time, but it is worth to be sure that the Internet banking can have today’s hot, which is mainly based on the public’s trust in the internet. Course, establish credit. This process is very difficult, a few years ago we don’t believe the Internet can change the world, because it contains too many virtual and things, but the fact is it really did, therefore, more and more people net enjoy the convenience, which is a trust of Internet Credit upgrading. It is based on this trust to give Internet financial development opportunities, in addition to the innovative use of big data technology nowadays, on the one hand, the Internet banking is changing rapidly, on the other hand also pushed the process of China’s big data credit system. So the problem comes, such as bank credit, sesame credit and other credit institutions of this kind of credit level we can understand, but, as their credit rating is enough accurate, enough professional, it is only limited in the data space to provide services to the limited, since the inclusion of Inclusive Finance, it should be inclusive and everyone! In the end the whole of China’s credit system should be how to build? According to my personal humble opinion, from visible credit basis and see not see start credit basis, and both hands to grasp, two hands are hard! amp;nbs;

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