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p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker

p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker, the latest data show that in October 2014 a href rel = network used on TV drama hit list, Liu Shi, Eddie, starring the costume drama viewers pick more than 6000 million, topped the list. no war, war predator wugongdui led war series. The movie, the bride with white hair last month a small rise in several places, won top. Type with love, action oriented. The variety, run brothers China aspirations list, a good voice the third season relegated to second position. October 2014, online video including TV, movies, variety number reached 430000000, compared with September, the chain fell by 1%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 11%, to maintain a stable trend. During the national day of October, the user’s online video on demand has fallen more than before. Demand for television drama is still high, the number reached 355000000. The film and the variety were harvested 235000000 and 269000000 user
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellow‘s attention. p 10 month TV drama, Shi Shi and Eddie headlining the costume drama wind romance to more than 6000 million the number of people covered by drawing prize. The Ma Xiangyang countryside Ji to 42.53 million the number of people covered by ranked second, play as wuxiubo first Secretary of countryside work, open the scenes of new rural comedy drama, attracting a predominantly female audience. TVB produced police drama the Apostle Walker won the third. no war, war and other iron wugongdui for nearly a month’s war drama. From the regional point of view, both for the mainland. p movie, starring Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing, the bride with white hair of the moon Kingdom, and small time series of the small time 3 thorn golden era high popularity, compared with last month small rise in the rankings, this month were ranked 12, covering the number of over 15 million. Hilarious comedy break master small drop two ranking, ranked third this month. Thai comedy love theory of relativity to attract the attention of young unmarried women in the audience, the old boy Raptors River in the rankings, the audience is in men under the age of 30. From the type of view, love action, go halves on a fiftyfifty basis. variety, with good voice China third season in early 10 ending, ranking first relegated to second from last month. Outdoor reality show and then file brothers run it strong incoming, won top. Angelababy, Chen He, Li Chen and other popular stars to join the pull a lot of attention. With running brother hit, the original Korea Runnning man popularity thereupon jump up, covering the number for the first time in more than 1500 million. Variety

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