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p amp; nbsp amp; amp; by the end of 2014

p amp; nbsp amp; amp; by the end of 2014, the first cross administrative divisions of the court Shanghai Third Intermediate People’s court was established in Shanghai, has been in operation for full a year. Shanghai third hospital statistics show that in 2015 the hospital received a total of 610 administrative cases, of which the Shanghai municipal government for the defendant’s administrative litigation cases have 242. However, according to the data provided by the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Shanghai Institute of the city, the city government’s losing rate is zero. In this regard, the Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court Administrative Tribunal Wenzhong said, it should be said that the Shanghai municipal government administrative behavior in general is more standardized. We do not look at the original trial of the case of the defendant, the decision of whether the city government, is to look at i like air max shoes the legal basis and the fact that the. January 18th JINGWAH times p amp; nbsp amp; amp; to be buy air max shoes online honest, these years cases, the people losing is not news, losing is the news, provincial and municipal levels of government as a defendant in administrative litigation, lost lawsuits of news is more rare. So, in this sense, the Shanghai municipal government last year zero
Mens Kevin Durant 8 150826037 losing does not exceed the general public’s cognition and perception.
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes From China ; however, should pay attention to, in the Shanghai city government zero behind, is the cross administrative divisions set up the court to reform the fact that a year. Due to the local people’s courts at all levels buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online is established according to the local administrative divisions, court of the personal rights, property rights in nature should be subject to local government, making buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the court in some parts of the administrative litigation is difficult to avoid the erosion of local A new round of judicial reform has specifically proposed to set up a cross administrative
Cheap Kevin Durant 4 Shoes Men From China divisions of the court. So, at the end of 2014, Shanghai Third Hospital, Beijing fourth hospital came into focus, case. ; now, the two courts run the first year, are published in the annual run report. Obviously, two pilot courts trial number are increased significantly, which disproved the cross court set the necessity: Beijing Fourth Hospital in Beijing district government for the defendant more than 1100, in 2014 the city’s court accepted such cases nearly seven times, for this achievement, enthusiasm of media attention does not seem to be high. Phase comparison, Shanghai Intermediate People’s court has obtained the more media scrutiny, the reason is that, Shanghai Intermediate People’s court than Beijing Fourth Hospital precocious stand some
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes Men From China days. The first label more communication. Moreover, the Shanghai municipal government in a year when the 242 defendants, no one lost, such a result is also more attractive to the eye of ordinary people. p amp; nbsp amp; amp; in fact, defeat is not lost a bit is not important, important is, Shanghai Intermediate People’s court as a pilot court, in the 242 times trial how do not or cannot get rid of the interference of local protectionism, this is the real problem. In other words, in a year of running status of the Shanghai Intermediate People’s court to infer, whether or not they can Zhaomaohuahu, in the country immediately set up i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes an inter administrative court? Answer this question, than concerned about the Shanghai municipal government zero lost more valuable.

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