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p between Guangxi and ASEAN second sea transnational tourism route Fangchenggang to Vietnam Halong Bay sea travel routes

p between Guangxi and ASEAN second sea transnational tourism route Fangchenggang to Vietnam Halong Bay sea travel routes, 29, recovery of sailing. With the cruise economy and the rise of highspeed rail and accelerate the development of Guangxi to create a global, complex, worldclass ring Beibu Gulf International Coastal resort. Guangxi along the border and coastal areas, has the rich coastal tourism resources and the charming border style. The provinces bordering ASEAN is vigorously promoting the international tourist destination of Guilin, Bama longevity health international tourism zone, Beibu Gulf international tourism resort to build three major international tourist destinations. The latter will form coastal leisure, southern border crossborder and offshore recreational sports, national history and culture six major tourist attractions, intends to build China into the attractiveness and competitiveness of the binhai international tourism destination. As one of the important basis of the international tourism Hot E Cig kits resort in the North Bay, is regarded as an important resource for the E-CIG CHINA development of marine tourism products in Guangxi. On June 28 this year, the special approval of the first cross sea travel routes Beihai in Guangxi to Vietnam Halong sea travel routes formal resumption. This article
in 2011 suspended tourism gold line operations
13 years, the cumulative delivery of nearly 500000 tourists. p September 29 announced the official sailing in Fangchenggang to Vietnam halong bay cross sea travel routes, from the manufacture of highspeed passenger ship Lotus Pearl Lake, executive airlines. This oneway only 3 hours of marine transnational tourism route, will be along the history of the famous sea Ho Chi Minh Trail through the eight of the world heritage
Halong Bay scenic area arrived in the port in Viet Nam hung. cruise terminal, berth, and a number of other to adapt to E-CIGARETTE CHINA the degree of of the infrastructure is also accelerating in the coastal ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA areas of Guangxi. September 28th, planning to use 25000 acres of China ASEAN International luxury yacht manufacturing settled in Fangchenggang, the project proposed
112 yacht berths, is expected to produce 300 luxury yachts. p adjacent to the famous tourist city in the North Sea also from this year until 2020, the arrangements for the annual special funds for the city’s tourism infrastructure and public service facilities, foster the aviation market, and construction of scenic spots, key tourist project preparatory work and financial subsidies, and other public tourism industry development, seek the formation in Beihai Silver Beach National Tourist Resort and Weizhou Island tourist area as the core, to Beihai City Mechanical Mod and RDA and Hepu series of scenic spots for the two wings of the dual core wings tourism development pattern. p in Qinzhou, Guangxi and the other a coastal cities, a set Disposable e cigarette international famous marine eco resort destination zone, China ASEAN Tourism Transit and distribution, leisure experience as one of the international marine ecological tourism resort Sanniang Bay Tourism Resort District cultural tourism comprehensive development project, has been listed as the Beibu Gulf International Tourist resort in northern Bay is one of the key investment projects. to promote the development of the international coastal leisure resort industry, the current Chongzuo Baise, Guangxi, Beihai, Fangchenggang 4 cities have been allowed to carry out border tourism business, visitors can pass through friendship, Dongxing, water, Fangchenggang, Beihai port

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