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p for parents with parents before the mentality is different

p for parents with parents before the mentality is different, which is depend on the imagination can not understand the feelings of, only when the parents will really grow up, this is many people come from experience. Once you have a child, will put major energy on children, children’s food and clothing, children’s safety, children’s education, constantly does not affect the parents heart, so modern businessmen that the child’s best to earn money. maternal electricity supplier: from the B2C to O2O to sale again to crossborder, market competition increasingly fierce p from 2000 Leyou pregnant baby website online since, maternal electronic business has gone through nearly 16 years of time, during this period, maternal electricity supplier development of ups and downs. From early red child’s catalogs to B2C web site was established, to Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, such as the establishment of maternal and child channel, to Su Ning acquisition red children push mother electricity supplier o2o, to the honey bud baby, baby net maternal sale, and God the father and have recently pushed the main crossborder maternal sale and so on, each time period have poured out of the new st
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes Fluorescence Marblear enterprise. At the same time, the dynamic changes of the market lead to the mainstream model of continuous innovation. p today, more and more business is already eyeing the maternal and child this market, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, Dangdang, No. 1 shop, Amazon and other integrated business, recent poly beauty products also through investment in the baby tree to force the maternal electricity supplier, and prior to this only product will have been in the business market of maternal and child secretly layout has been a long time. in fact, mother and child electricity suppliers so concerned, is a new understanding of the capital market. Recently the United States is $2.5 billion investment in the baby tree, prior to this, time to callback 2 years, Suning only $66 million acquisition of the was the first vertical maternal electricity suppliers red children, visible in the period of maternal electricity supplier environment is how not to be optimistic. 2012 is the most painful for mother and child electricity suppliers, because it is the most powerful integrated electricity suppliers price war, from 2012 to 2010, Amazon, Jingdong, Taobao, Dangdang, Suning has been on the line to the mother and child channel, in 2012 the electricity business industry was completely shuffle, red children because of the target is too big and failed to escape, and finally, because investors are not supported and fell. Two years later, with access to capital markets, the United States will be the only product sale on behalf of pattern recognition, maternal sale began to rise. In 2015, the wind changed again, crossborder become the theme of maternal electricity supplier. This spawned God the father, the only states new electricity supplier mother, let the maternal electronic business market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. for ideas: the mother market competition, , God

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