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p gold on September 2 made three decisions: one is the index three single product

p gold on September 2 made three decisions: one is the index three single product, single day opening transaction Disposable e cigarette amount more than 10 hand days open trading volume larger unusual transactions. Two is the non security deposit margin increased to 40%, the protection of the set is raised to 20%. Three is the transaction fees by the current amount of one five points to 110000 points, raised to 2310000 charge. p weekend has been very much interpretation, long cheered all that gold in the mutilation, next week thousands of stock trading, greetings, here is not to comment on. actually, this decision is very clear to tell the market, the index does not play, but retain party seats, in an attempt to stage a comeback. p since June the market slump, gold has been in atmosphere, non professionals use public opinion to demonize the index, criticized the index is malicious short a stock source, common voice is closed. Indeed, the design rule is in favor of short futures. It is important to have a according to the investigation of foreign forces with malicious short. obviously, CICC has E-CIGARETTE CHINA know the truth, the futures market is probably doomed to close. Therefore, make 9.2 decis
ions. why is it such a decision? This is to learn from the lessons of bond futures 327. p 20 years ago due to the Shanghai Wanguo Securities short malicious 327 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA bond futures pay attention to official qualitative used Hot E Cig kits the words malicious short, making the
final eight minutes to open the granaries of the trading day is invalid. Treasury futures were closed for twenty years to resume. Obviously, the gold is very
clear the current futures may repeat the Mechanical Mod and RDA mistakes of the Treasury bond futures, short of the truth, once open, the index may as the year treasury bond futures that had been shut down for an extended period. So I decided to take 9.2 measures to protect themselves. gold like the house lizard crisis tails to survive,, this should be smart, like p start next week, gold is the gecko can be said in a loud voice: You A shares how down, with my gold doesn’t matter!, I tail the, ha ha. At this time, people’s eyes can only stare at the commission. how can the stock market go next week? The stock market is
lively, but in the aspect of futures. p key lies in how to deal with futures involve huge hedging plate and delivery month how to solve an empty one, the spot is opening or lighten up and institutions have to carefully and come to a solution. High frequency trading, hedging transactions have no sense. Days of swing trading, due to 23 transaction cost increased to ten thousandths, do a hand if procedures costs 2000 yuan, no matter what funds will be interested in dull, liquidity suddenly without a trace. In turn, hedging can not find opponents disc, liquidation is not open wait for death is have E-CIG CHINA a death wish. p this is perhaps institutions are a common way: spot to lighten up and reduce the downside risk at the
same time, causing the index fell, took the opportunity to close out a single, in order to achieve victory in the great escape. If the opening spot, pushing up the index, plus.

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