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p History of the wheel

p History of the wheel, rolling forward, if history will record Internet era those glaring like a star network man of the hour when, do not know the historical wheel if you can remember some of them, or can only use two words to in the history book generalize this group: webmaster. p this is a group of natural wild growth of the group of 20 years, they in real life may just keep in front of a computer rental house, smoking a cigarette, sitting on the bed, a piece of old computer desk placed yesterday to eat the rest of the lunch box, a bottle of quick drink Cola, the substance may be extremely poor, but the spirit is extremely happy, because they are called Webmaster: with a computer and a network connected to the social reality of countless netizens all kinds of Web sites, is the greatest happiness of their source of happiness. p why do you do when the station? I edited a message, sent to 10 years without contact phone number. His name is Cao Chen, perhaps is not too many people know him, but five digit QQ number to prove that he is an old Internet users, he now a district telecommunication bureau respo
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes Black Whitensible for customer complaint processing, comfortable days, beautiful wife and virtuous, and in 1999, he was also a webmaster, due to the telecommunications bureau work, he and his colleagues do together first local information port, and the development of their own a chat room system. When the answer to why the original site to build this problem, he did not hesitate to do as usual: when doing chat room, one is to change, the two is with KV300 editor’s note: net name to get their own play, is to make a communication platform for local users. p flash time, once in the local dominated the information port and chat rooms like flower of yesterday, falling out of sight, left the one now who also don’t know the name, such as his name called weeds,, is grows again with the spring breeze that weeds, to on the website, did not get the, like the roadside weeds, no one knows, and more in early period, so most of the end in time. p in the past, the users but also millions, 10 years later, Chinese netizens have 6 billion, while the original little master technology stationmaster group, is also a amazing Digital: according to the China Internet association, the national Internet Emergency Center issued the interconnection site development and safety report 2014, the report show that as of the end of December 2013, China hosted the site of nearly 2817000, and held a personal website about 105.5 million, accounting for 30% of the total Chinese websites. we can not use words to record the about one million head of personal information and information, also can not tell the survival of each of them, but it can be through this opportunity, said the large Internet practitioners themselves. Early Webmaster: the pursuit of the ideal and the reality of the tide 1998 2001 in 33.6K modem dialup Internet era, in addition to a lot of the United States to come back home to bring advanced Internet

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