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p in the fourth day of the doomsday rumors

p in the fourth day of the doomsday rumors, the silence of the iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 sparkling debut, Intel’s way Kuangzhui, HTC highend products listed, a revolution in the field of smart phones kicked off. At the same time, millet, Meizu, OPPO and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers to seek new breakthroughs, which is bound to compete in the smart phone market in 2013 is more bloody. br in the forthcoming past 2012, smart phones experienced allocation price, the price war and the patent war fighting after the homogenization of the competition pattern has been formed. Whether it is apple, Samsung, or Motorola and NOKIA, the competition will be difficult to get rid of the essence of hardware and low cost. IPhone 5 A, is direct evidence of Apple’s highend smart mobile phone lost. Maybe a lot of peo
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Purple Greenple think that the author of this speech alarmist, but the market cold enough to prove that apple unattractive. in HTC 2013 extraordinary brigade conference, first 5 inches Full Hd 1080p flagship Ann Android phone HTC butterfly debut, HTC 8x and HTC 8s phones based on the new Windows Phone 8 operating system also opened a mysterious veil. br the three new smart phones released sends such a message, HTC is about to begin dual system to support the development path. Perhaps some people think that this is the new layout of HTC. In fact, the dual system support strategy is just a part of the layout of the HTC. br as a rising star in the field of intelligent mobile phone HTC, has created the miracle of smart phones, have a profound understanding of user requirements. From the early foundry, to launch an independent brand of smart phones, each product can reflect the concept of HTC for the user’s life. Especially in the last year of HTC mobile phone, it is the idea to play the most vividly. specifically, magic Korea shot of mobile phone camera function improved not only in the lens, sensor and capturing the software aspects, adds to the unique HTC independent image processing chip, make image capture more quickly in low light

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