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p Jingdong Liu Qiang East Group CEO is very busy recently

p Jingdong Liu Qiang East Group CEO is very busy recently, appearance rate is very high, while busy with the licensing of marriage, entertainment headlines; while busy with his business in the countryside, on the CCTV news. p rural electricity supplier is a let the electricity supplier slavering cheese, Ali, Beijing East, Su Ning who all understand when city business growth narrowed, in government to advocate and promote the Internet of agriculture, vast and has yet to develop the rural market for the business enterprise to say what it means monkfish in huge consumer market. p as a rural born businessman, Liu Qiang East is not let rural and allow competitors to encroach on licking the couch next to allow others to sleep domineering. But for Liu Qiangdong, the rural electricity suppliers are really just a business? I’m afraid and his bones of rural feelings. Liu Qiangdong of the rural electricity supplier emboldened I believe that the development of rural electricity suppliers to the time has come, the construction of rural network infrastructure is increasingly complete. In early 2015 China’s administrative village broadband access rate has reached 93.5%, the number of Internet users in rural areas is as high as 1.87 billion. In addition, Every Village Road but also to
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redthe logistics shop in rural areas is more easily. p secondly, it is the government’s position and support, 2015 No. 1 document clearly stressed to support business, logistics, trade, finance and other enterprises involved in agricultural ecommerce platform construction, to carry out ecommerce into the countryside comprehensive demonstration, Premier Li Keqiang more on different occasions for rural electronic business platform. third, is Liu Qiangdong has been cited as a proud but has been competitors Jingdong big and whole, covering the whole country’s self procurement system, storage facilities and logistics system, and so on. According to him, Jingdong carry out rural electricity suppliers will be the original system to move forward a step only, and not to re start the country, so it will not bring much of the investment costs and management costs. For example, the warehouse and logistics are there, you can not enter the countryside where, why not step forward it! fourth, Liu Qiang said the ability should be visited by all stakeholders. On the one hand, he and the local government signed strategic cooperation agreement with rural electricity supplier, widely held throughout the county grew up will seek the support of government resource, on the one hand and winwin cooperation to recruit local business platform and traditional business enterprise nervous nerve, pursuing interests equitably for the army east of Beijing rural reduces the number of resistance. Liu Qiangdong used one hundred thousand force leveraging the rural market p as once rural people, Liu Qiang east than many experts and researchers know rural provider of the most easily stuck in the place where. p China Southern Jiangsu that affluent rural areas, but more or a thousand mountains and rivers of the common country monkfish in young adults work outside the home, leave to fifty years of age and older as the main body of rural consumers and producers to business giants out an awkward problem. How to teach them to accept online shopping? If you connect this road

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