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p on July 31

p on July 31, the Beijing Zhangjiakou winter Shen Olympic success, a wavelet marketing struck on the same day, microblogging, micro channel by Durex slide, drops fast, Wanda House floor cover submerged, and the 2001 Olympic bid, the streets deserted, and social media ran downtown extraordinary, below the line also, do, a micro Bo, a micro channel on the end of the. p compared to the brand’s official micro Bo, micro channel, reaction is very fast, but the action is slow half racket capital market was staged, to reproduce the APEC blue as the slogan, Green Olympics concept, the hype the concept of environmental protection and to song Qinghui with economists wantonly respected travel stocks and sports concept stocks, August 3, sports, stocks or home, Pathfinder up 8.81%, Nobutaka industrial rose more than 6%, Rhine home, industry body rose more than 4%. While Qiyuan, originwater, snow Dillon and other stocks approaching the limit. just a few days time, many companies have enjoyed the development of the Winter Olympics, but, in 2022 there are 7 years, after the success of this wave of public opinion climax, the brand is facing a long period of time for the winter, just speculation, will be able
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Deep Blackto spend 7 years of itch, a lot of companies simply with the hype and Winter Games happen once or several times, and then there is No. In a long time, people will forget about the relationship between you and the Winter Olympics, and all the hype is about the eggs. p winter will although attention to not be able to catch up with the Olympic Games, but in China, the sports powers, is bound to be a sporting event, is bound to be a lot of enterprise marketing feast, winter is not fleeting evanescent social hot, but continued 7 years of Marathon and protracted war, want an occasion to winter, speculation is not enough, want to divide a cup of a thick soup, you have to have the warlords. what do you do for the Olympics? What extent do you decide to take a high degree of marketing a marathon?. Thanks to 08 years of Olympic heritage in Beijing, the construction of the Winter Olympic Games focus is in Chongli Zhangjiakou County, compared with Beijing, Chongli County, the biggest benefit is also greatly enhanced attention. In addition, for the people, do not do the Winter Olympics and their own nothing to do, they are concerned about the winter games over the day after tomorrow will not be more blue, the haze will not be less, will not completely disappear. It must take these nano warlords as a breakthrough point money can not capricious tyrant sponsors in the discussion range. p to understand the Zhangjiakou people all know, here is the edge of the desert, Beijing sandstorm must pass through, and Chongli County mountain steep, ecological bad, the bid for the Winter Olympics, ecological environment is flawed, so 2014 Olympic Green Project started, this project is not only to meet claims winter face project, but to in Zhangjiakou and Beijing surrounding a 500 acres of trees. To find the mother knows, 5000000 acres of trees can absorb 1.22 tons of carbon dioxide per year, 240000 tons of sulfur dioxide absorption, can absorb 30000000 tons of dust. That is, sand storms will come in less.

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