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p recently discussion about bitcoin and block chain very unpopular

p recently discussion about bitcoin and block chain very unpopular, is the first Martian article the left bitcoin, block chain worthless. The comments below countless, mixed. Subsequently, Huang Shiliang throws a unwilling to remain out of the limelight, give up the block chain products bitcoin can survive?. br the captain to the problem, of course, have their own views, but captain has just started, comment on so tall quite uneasy, after all, understand the technical knowledge also too little. In fact, Mars and Huang Shiliang are in the argument of a point of view: all other blocks chain is not a bit of the chain block chain, or to leave bitcoin, block chain will not have other applications. p you said Ruyi Jingu Bang is there, I said does not exist, you let me prove that there is no, that I really can’t prove, even if I dig three feet did not find, it cannot be ruled out dig three feet to find possible, even though I was sweating profusely to earth digging through, ran after you will be on Mars? with a clear boundary of the problem, the real life of the no is not proved, but also do not need to prove that the no point of view o
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Greyf the party can do nothing without doing is the default party, until the holding of the view of a party come up with the evidence of the. You said there is a mobile phone radiation danger caused by brain leukemia, I said does not exist, then you should burden. The global scientific community has done a hundred radiation from mobile phones and brain tumor related leukemia research, conclusion is not supported by the correlation, you prove that a can not be established, and my no is to set up. many adhere to the have in the case of the burden of proof can not throw out the of the argument, I think this is the most part of the story, not one. You read this article on the potential of the destruction of the earth can not say no, but this is not the possibility of a sense of the imagination? With transmission frame, run plank before a sentence waiting for you, is a word wherever he goes looking for nonsense, simply does not need to pay attention to. so, Mars and Huang Shiliang belong to do not work hard, because no matter how strong the argument, the logic is how closely, people just say: how do you know that no other block chain in the future can be more than the chain? Yes, the future is unpredictable, and the possibility of bitcoin is always beyond the possibility of. A similar problem is that people often ask, how do you know that there are no aliens? Yes, it is not found that the aliens, not to be found in the future of aliens. as long as the no, no is always right. no does not need to prove, does not mean that support no people are wrong. Because, as long as the no, no is always right, and no need to prove. In other words, think of the block chain will not have other applications, do not need to write the article to prove, not to mention you can not prove. instead, think of the block chain has other applications, it is required to prove

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