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p recently Haier held a three noes conference

p recently Haier held a three noes conference, that no one, no onsite, free products, at its plant in Internet to install multiple cameras to the world broadcast in real time through, regardless of the user where they are, can by phone or PC realtime watch Haier Internet factory production, Haier in this way transfer the Transparent Factory concept, production process is Haier actively embrace the Internet, attention to the user experience, zhulang industrial 4.0 embodiment. what is a transparent factory? Transparent Factory is Haier a new manufacturing system, from all parts of the interconnected plant, Zhengzhou air conditioning intelligent interconnection plant, Shenyang refrigerator smart interconnection plant, Foshan drum interconnection plant, the future will be more interconnected plant. These plants have the following features: 1, a large number of application robot technology industrial robot in the last two years, the rapid development of technology, Foxconn and other wellknown manufacturers have begun largescale applications, such as Amazon and other technology van son of the electricity supplier platform in the warehousing logistics technology. has a lot of adv
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Green Blackantages in the manufacturing of robots. First, the cost is lower, in the case of human cost increase more advantages; second I do not know the fatigue, continuous work; again more efficiency, and other links in the production chain link; the final accuracy is higher, the robot has higher accuracy than human. Haier transparent factory to take a large number of robots or unmanned intelligent manufacturing technology, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other white goods, are gradually transition to the robot, such as the industry’s only FPA cylinder can make the 2mm of the inner tube diameter, the accuracy of the product quality. 2, the production process is fully transparent and open users through the Internet anywhere in the realtime view of the production process, to the role of supervisor. in the food industry, this model will have a great advantage, out of food safety and distrust, consumers expect to understand the process of food production, from farm animal husbandry and other ingredients to the restaurant kitchen such a process. For example, the dairy giant Yili has a transparent pasture plan. Haier by intelligent camera is shown to the world and the production process, there are wonderful and transparent pastures of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Active transparency reflects the concern of the user experience and confidence in their own ability to manufacture. If there is Jerry behavior like nature can not reveal to the public. A large number of applications of this kind of robot cool technology, helping to give users a more profound impression, while also enhancing the user’s sense of participation. The realtime dynamic information of the logistics link has a strong practical value for the consumer. 3, the supply and demand model to meet the needs of p past appliance manufacturers in the production of home appliances are based on user research this kind of market research, then decided to launch what styles, batch manufacturing, distribution channels, marketing, eventually reaching

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