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p recently, netizens posting said, sister Jiang middle school in the city of Zigong, the introduction of the new rules, namely after the beginning of the next semester, comes with food to school students need to apply for take meal card, in order to bring food into the campus; at the same time, the school is no longer own meals students with buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online rice. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the school to accept the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, said, for the purpose of the meal card is to allow parents to jointly assume the responsibility of the child’s safety management. January i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes 25th Chengdu business daily in any school boarders, three meals a day or day students lunch or where to eat? Eat mess hall? Or take out? Let students tangled, leaving school to Screenwriters: students to pay attention to is affordable and delicious, and schools are more concerned about whether the food is safe. Especially in the cafeteria food is unsatisfactory, and the takeaway in large quantities
Cheap Kevin Durant V Low Top Women From China to enter the campus, schools tend to be taut nerves, for fear that little test, where will take out a pile of buy air max shoes online food hygiene accident, let the school p and sister school is about to launch the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online meal card, obviously with the card to guard against the risk, avoid responsibility: through a
Cheap Kevin Durant V Low Top Men From China letter by parents that schools do to inform the r
Mens Kevin Durant V Low Top MKDL05esponsible; if you are applying for a meal card, you need to students and parents signed name. According to the school’s argument. This is done in order to catch condominium together, the implication is, outside dining department students and their parents insisted on for, with a meal card is evidence of
Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes From China the exemption. p of course, in addition to avoid risks, according to some students, schools and perhaps take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: do card to parents flied to the high threshold, as well as the office of card school during the process of risk warning will make a considerable part of the parents of the students or awed by the interference, or based on card trouble, and abandon the takeout, and turn to the canteen. Obviously, with the formal implementation of the meal card, no card students will no longer be brought back from school. So a small card, both to ease the delivery caused by the school of fear, and inadvertently reversed the school canteen business decline, not kill two birds with one stone. p however, the wishful thinking of the school may not be able to fulfill a wish: for example, with a meal card after the implementation, by the card back to the takeaway can ensure the safe? Special emphasis is not to provide students with Steamed Rice meals, i like air max shoes can get rid of If there is an accident, although food takeaway, and take meal card should be the requirements of students and their parents and, but the key is, a safety accidents occurred in the campus, the school selves two students the majority of minors, parents of school time does not in the side, School guardianship responsibility. With students and their parents to sign the meal card, but it is a i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes kind of school internal management form, at least show that school to the corresponding responsibility of informed, or in a certain extent loss can not be exempted from liability. p and some students to give up to do the card, or in a short time let school canteens, fire, but if the cafeteria food tastes still let students and the price is not then students will again or do with a meal

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