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p tide amp; br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; see today old palace with reports of new ways. This new play, in fact, has been playing Disposable e cigarette a while, is the the Imperial Palace opened the official sales shop Taobao, in the micro blog and micro channel public number to the public, the tone of the real time and user interaction. The move in a naughty side, but also a lot of marketing miracle. On August 5, just one hour of Kung Fu, 1500 OMAE bodyguard phone seat announced sold out; 4500 Eight Banners tumbler Doll, in the sale within 8 hours of their buyers. In total, a total of 16000 in a day and a product in Mechanical Mod and RDA the the Imperial Palace in their poly costeffective platform. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; a 90 at the receipt of the Palace Museum Taobao shop sell ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the OMAE bodyguard phone block, first online evaluation has been completely Meng cry, then intend to start a let mammy sewing box. The mammy sewing box makes me more objectionable, if he not ridicule, the Forbidden
City Development out of this kind of product is joking. Who knows, let mother but is TV drama in a negative role, may be according to what refine out of it, but mammy after all, nonexistent. In addition, the the Imperial Palace is a common way to relate the product to historical events. As reports of the cloud is my life is not negative micro channel public number of articles, with
new media language tells the story of Yongzheng emperor and the minister Nian gengyao between story, like to take this opportunity to promote I also very want to you Yongzheng handwriting fan. Didn’t I read the article, however, I very miss you is indeed Yongzheng, but Nian gengyao and his family in historical records of the tragic fate, and now the Hot E Cig kits promotion this sentence rather ironic some. E-CIGARETTE CHINA This E-CIG CHINA kind of marketing method will inevitably mislead the
public suspicion, and joking basically belongs to the fifty paces laughing. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; the imperial palace is the a genuine cultural treasure, so its cultural and creative products need not joking, no joking. Although from the end of 1949 to early 1948, the Nanjing Kuomintang government from Nanjing warehouse to pick out 2972 boxes of cultural relics shipped to Taiwan, but after 1949 the heritage of the the
Imperial Palace of the number, so the number is still more than 78 pieces of cultural relics, plus a new entry into the new text of more than 21 pieces, a total of nearly a million. Selected for cultural and creative products from the theme, that can
be found everywhere, inexhaustible, do not come around. They are not only the compilation of thick Forbidden City issue, each issue could also can be dizzying. The success of this magazine is that it not only describes the treasure of the town hall, but also introduces the ordinary collection, of course, it is only relative to the the Imperial Palace of the ordinary.

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