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p yesterday evening

p yesterday evening, Zhang Qin said: continuous falls beneath the investors will obviously feel the pain, will soon wake up, market sentiment will be rapid drop into the freezing point, and the most direct and reflected in the sluggish trading volume. No volume of the market, the results are very clear to everyone, Mo said the market, even the rebound will have to wait for an opportunity. Rebound at least until January after the end of it, because it is the trend of large levels fell. br br today morning, U.S. stocks fell overnight so that the weak Ashare pressure, i like lebron james 2014 industry sector fell across discount lebron james website the board, in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market sharply tiaokongdikai. After the opening, the stock index fell inertia, then 16 shares camp two major brokerage and TMT is active, the market bottomed in lower Fanchou. Th
Mens Air Jordan 12 New White Red Orangeen, the market in low sustained concussion, and finally to low down at close time. br br from the trend, morning prev low 2867 point, is on the verge of the bottom of the important pre 2850 undoubtedly is the key. In the short term, timesharing here bottomed out, but in terms of trends, morning this trend actually means 2850 points in name only, Powei only rhythm. Combined with the point of view, this month just to run more than half, a huge decline in the market, shortterm short may also will choose in the important position of the drums Shoubing, do the rest, market or shock, or Fanchou. reading Zhang Qin blog please clearly distinguish between the following a few nouns: trend, stage, shortterm, which relates to the understanding Zhang Qin judge the cycle of nature. At the same time pay attention to or, uncertain words. These words Zhang Qin usually use judgment in the shortterm market trend, meaning as the word, on behalf of the uncertain judgement on shortterm, not necessarily in this operation. Don’t ask Zhang Qin on the market judgment 100% free of defects, to 100% without blemish, Qin said: minister Qie do, please find a huckster. br vision: crows in the world
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