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Pennsylvania city 20130416 22:30 at night November 2011 downtown

Pennsylvania city 20130416 22:30 at night November 2011 downtown, such as at the cottage. To and from work every day, food market and home, life of the threepoint line, stressful and busy, rarely have time street entertainment, playing music, play. Sunday, get a free. After dinner, stroll the streets of Pennsylvania, lamps and candles of a myriad families, wandering in the Plaza district area, feel the beauty of Binyang change rapidly! amp; amp; br amp; many call me a name of skyscrapers, all commercial and residential buildings, bars, hotels have mushroomed, occupy the this once deserted. Such as street network, connected with the old town of lead in all directions. Flashing neon lights, lights, Pennsylvania city night Ambilight everywhere! Visitors Rangrang, walking, playing badminton, singing, dancing, lively and extraordinary! From the cultural square pace, finally arriving at Shangchengguoji small garden, there was full of people, bursts of songs out. Squeeze into a look, oh, turns out to be some music lovers in singing, singing is qu
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Black White Redite pleasant to hear of, although not a professional singer singing level, but also pleasing to the ear, listen to comfortable. At one’s leisure, marching night here, listening to music, it is the work of a relaxation, a kind of enjoyment., of course, listening is not white to, some viewers every once in a while went up flowers, throwing paper money is a piece of money, give applause. The singer is encouraged, singing harder; the listener calm mind, can feel at ease and justified. These street art culture added a bright color for the Pennsylvania city at night. to listen to a song, to wander, to 100 Gyalo bar. The luxurious bar attracted many wealthy people gamble at high stakes. A long walk in front of the bar shows the distinguished guests. The inside of the luxury is selfevident, scene of debauchery, night life! to era studios, near Hua Yuan Hotel, here is the most popular site. The small square before the studio era, this is a green grass, shade trees, a good place for visitors to recreation and rest, has now become a garbage strewn barbecue places. The smoke filled, choking smell of barbecue filled the air, stall holders in the solicitation. Many young people in the barbecue TanQian eat eat with appetite. But that was once so beautiful that a piece of paradise, poor lying on the ground will continue to groan grass and every night smoked baked green trees. br amp; all the way around the blind, all the way around, go to the road of finance, and turn think long distances, luxurious lights shone heart bloomed. On both sides of the street

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