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portal site should pay more attention to user needs ; [time: 2012 11

portal site should pay more attention to user needs ; [time: 2012 11, 07 days 14:42] [source: Science and technology daily] [Author: Chen Jie] [editor: Yang Dong] recently, Tencent completed the revision of the home page, Disposable e cigarette which is the original home page four years after the operation of the first comprehensive revision. insight into user needs total editor Chen Juhong said, before the portal just rely on a lot of pictures, data, text display to show, push news, no real understanding of user needs. the rise of the traditional portal is the user’s demand for information, the greater the amount of information in the traditional thinking, the more the portal
can accumulate more traffic. And now Facebook, microblogging and other social media to seize the user a lot of time, the microblogging Hot E Cig kits social networking sites Mechanical Mod and RDA as the first platform to browse the Internet more and more, the traditional portal is declining. p Tencent this revision has six major changes, widescreen page meet user horizontal reading demand, one click login set full business platform to realize the centralized, search promotion to the first edition of strengthen the
inlet position of the Internet, love to see the integration of the products of the whole ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA network of social information and category information product easy for users to find, product information customized personal service users. the new revision of the content of Tencent Network in a major adjustment, from the
third party and social networking platform to get more opportunities for the relationship between the UGC content, which is unimaginable in the traditional portal. Tencent network version of home love to see part is completely socialization content, by the microblogging, video and other social of generation platform. We like to watch to show the form of the time axis, the most popular social information will be pushed to the Tencent home. This is the traditional portal Tencent in the homogenization of the situation to make the biggest change, so that users become the content of the site’s contribution, and still to mass information gathering mode based site compared to the original capacity of Tencent, more attractive to users. p can be predicted that
if the other portal no with reform, perhaps Tencent will for E-CIG CHINA other web portal output, and other news sites may reduced to Tencent’s next release channel. to meet the user experience at present, mobile phones, mobile intelligent terminals are users access to information port. Change in the form of user terminals, forced to think of the future of the foot of the traditional portal. Occupy the mobile intelligent terminal is a must, the key is how to occupy? Netease launched a news client, Sohu also launched a news client,
and the introduction of a terminal application is not the E-CIGARETTE CHINA site has occupied the mobile intelligent terminal, the key is the user experience. whether it is PC;

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