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read the newspaper first A shares rebound is still on the way morning news reporter Han Yizhong p yesterday in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened appeared intense turnover situation

read the newspaper first A shares rebound is still on the way morning news reporter Han Yizhong i love jordan nubuck men p yesterday in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened appeared intense turnover situation, from the high opened 1% to suddenly turned green, so that investors can not adapt to, but in shock after the completion of the stock began to moderate consolidation and began to pick up. The Shanghai stock market rose 1.25%; Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.36%, small board index rose 1.03%, the gem index rose 1.76%. The Shanghai stock market turnover of 170 billion 100 million yuan hit a recent volume. in a timely manner to the crisis small title p this week the stock market twists and turns, lumpy international market for a shares under a lot of pressure, Thursday’s some negative responsibility of speech let the market plunge. This year, the Shanghai Composite Index and the Hang Seng Index fell Chinese exceeded 15%, and caused a huge impact on the global market. The global market is waiting for China’s policy makers to deal with the next policy, if this is to take a laissez faire attitude of the market, will undoubtedly make the market panic. Fortunately, Li Yuanchao, vice chairman of the state in a timely manner, the Chinese stock market is not mature, the government i like air jordan shoes men will strength
Mens Air Jordan 12 New Brown Blacken supervision to avoid excessive volatility. The excessive volatility of the market is a speculative market, only a few people get the majority of benefits, but most people have been lost. The Chinese government will continue to protect the interests of the majority of investors. Let the Ashare investors discount lebron james website nervous finally relax; at the same time, the face of stock markets in Europe and the us a huge drop, the ECB president Mario Draghi said, economic growth deceleration and the outlook for inflation slowdown will force the central bank to review its policy stance in March. This is a strong signal, suggesting that the central bank may introduce more easing in a few months. This speech, European stock markets rebounded in early trading yesterday, A shares opened sharply higher, apparently inspired by the outside good. We will return bottoming subhead p as of January 20, financing the balance of 14 notches, a nearly three months minimum, tying the 2015 June 19 to 7 September fall record; at the same time, two city for a 14 day net repayment of day net repayment of the size of the ring expanded. Downturn in market sentiment is evident, rebounded yesterday although there is no halfway died, but directed lower trend or people to feel a serious lack of market power to do more. At present, the market
Air Jordan 12 New Packing Men Wholesale has two directions need to be clear, the first 2844 points in the end can not constitute a new round of rebound in the end? Two is to break after 2844 points, the bottom of the index is 2600 points or 2500 points, or lower, if these two directions are not clear in the short term, it is the best choice to continue to shake the bottom section is the best. Because look from the handicap, near 3000 has a lot of locked plate, the needs of the market continue to shock to cleaning and shortterm profit disks locked. This process may be momentary half will can not complete, considering the popularity is extremely low, buying scarce, but also of the Spring Festival holiday coming, it is estimated that after bottoming, will usher in a rebound in the real. According to data statistics, from December 15th to July 1, 2015, A shares of the listing Corporation was the largest shareholder of the total market value of more than

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