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rel= 9 Nanning News Network reporter Tan Xiaoli September 10

rel= 9 Nanning News Network reporter Tan Xiaoli September 10, E-CIGARETTE CHINA 2015 is the thirteenth World Suicide
Prevention Day, the theme is helping to save the lives of the. The World Health Organization’s data show that the world every 40 seconds, there is a person committed suicide, suicide attempts or ideas of the people as high as about 20000000. The problem of suicide has caused a huge health and social burden to the world, but the problem is usually not concerned by the public. the most common cause of suicide according to statistics, suicide in our country has become the fifth cause of death, after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and accidental death; and in the 15 to 40 year old population, suicide is the leading cause of death. So, what are the causes of suicide? Disposable e cigarette How to prevent the occurrence of suicide? Reporters interviewed the Nanning Guangxi mental hospital of the relevant experts. the hospital psychology professor, vice president Zhang Ling told reporters that suicide is a complicated phenomenon caused by a number of factors, from the beginning of suicide ideation, to the ultimate suicide death, this process
is subject to many factors, including psychological, biological, environmental and social, cultural and Hot E Cig kits other factors. Such as ill, debts, the couple quarrel, work stress, depression, sleep disorders, committed Dutch act etc p suicide the most common reasons are four: one is suffering from depression and incurable, embarked on a road of suicide; second is due to physical
diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The patients constitute a great psychological pressure, resulting in a nervous breakdown; the third is due to emotional crisis, family breakdown and million read are grey; the fourth is caused by interpersonal relationship, work pressure, parties can’t find other ways to seek relief, I had no choice but to extreme way. suicide prevention and resolution how to effectively prevent and solve the suicidal behavior? Nanning mental hospital, Jiang Chunlei, deputy director of Mechanical Mod and RDA the Department of psychology, first of all, should ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA strengthen psychological counseling and treatment, mental health as the first cause of E-CIG CHINA death, not neglect, but the most easily overlooked. When people feel depressed, negative energy often accompanied by the right and left, but for most people, the negative mood will ease within a few days, if the parties every day unhappy, insomnia, self assessment low and this state lasts for more than two weeks, it can be used as a diagnosis of depression on the basis of, director Jiang reminder, if the patient’s condition is very heavy, it will have a sleep disorder, is easy to appear suicidal thoughts and self injurious behavior, should timely seek medical advice, found to relieve stress, relax mood, find the way to be happy.
if the psychological problems caused by insomnia, it is effective to solve the problem of sleep disorders. Luo Jun, director of Nanning of sleep disorders
in the mental hospital ward said, sleep disorders seems to be a trivial matter, widely exists in our life.

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