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Blog access: 5831 blog points: 122 points blog post: 10 opening hours: 20130525; now the female friends, to take care of the family, Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men outside to work hard. The pressure is quite big. Sometimes too much stress can cause a female friend to sleep well, or if it’s not going to be a bad time. Here is to introduce some of the female friends to stay away from the sub healthy diet. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, diabetic phenomenon everywhere, diabetes is harm to the people’s normal life, causing diabetes mostly irregular diet, diet structure is irrational, people should pay attention to understand the influence and harm, diabetic patients choose run step carefully. First of all, diabetic patients choose to pay attention to the running. Patients with diabetes, after the injection of insulin, can not be run on an empty stomach. This will cause the patient to suddenly appear low blood sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes should pay attention to when running. Hot and dry summer, clothing and less frequent movement of the disease caused by the occurrence of the disease, so many people will appear cough. Cough is a symptom of a variety of diseases, according to the theory of TCM syndrome differentiation and the corresponding method of food, to take therapeutic can play
Mens Nike Free Run 3 MFR3012 a good therapeutic effect. 1, honeysuckle Eggdrop Soup 1 eggs into the bowl, spare. Honeysuckle 15 grams, add water 200 ml, boil for 5 minutes, into the egg can be boiled, take advantage of heat 1 times to serve. Honeysuckle sweet and cold, can Qingrejiedu, antiinflammatory treatment can clear fire, sore throat. The party is simple and easy to take, 1 times a day. 2, almond loquat porridge take almond 10 grams, peeled; loquat leaf 15 grams, to wash the hair. Wash rice, add water and almond, loquat leaves with cook until cooked, 1 times a day. Almond cough, Qingre I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Runfei cough loquat leaf. But to pay attention to: loquat leaf on the hair to wash; eat porridge will be taken out of the loquat leaf, discard the food. We can I like Nike foamposite one not help but think about the summer, hot summer, every day sweating like, really makes people unable to breathe. Then how summer next, expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts teach you safe summer three magic weapons, together and see it! Slight Dashu, under the steam cook, hot summer weather, people often appear signs of mental fatigue, loss of appetite, bitter taste greasy fur, chest distention nausea, weight loss and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine expert reminds, at this moment, people should adapt to the hot climate, for self maintenance and conditioning, a healthy state of mind, suitable for living, reasonable diet is safe summer three magic weapons.
Nike Free Run 3 Men Shoes Online Sale Chinese medicine experts introduced to people to prevent heatstroke, with airconditioning, airconditioning equipment, but improper use mild cases appeared facial nerve pain, lower limb pain, easy cold, and varying degrees of gastrointestinal disease, severe cases will be suffering from skin diseases and cardiovascular diseases. So to remind people inside and outside the room temperature should not
Nike Free Run 2 Men Shoes Online Sale be too large, preferably not more than 5 DEG C; indoor temperature of not less than 25 DEG C; when indoor feeling
Nike Free Run 2 Women Shoes Online Sale a chill, be sure to stand up, appropriate activities, to accelerate blood circulation. At the same time care of mood, relaxed and calm, manic anger, I buy Nike air foamposite one optimistic and happy ending. The shower can also play a role in the cooling water Nike Air Max Sale For kids temperature, generally 30 to 40 DEG C is appropriate, overheating too cold is I love Nike air foamposite pro not good. Summer food hygiene is also very important, first of all households

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