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Review 0 Note: recently read several poems

Review 0 Note: recently read several poems, both the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of philosophy i like air max shoes professor Liang Zhixue to Wang Limin a few comments, also has the Academy of Social i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Sciences Institute of philosophy party secretary Wang Limin wrote the General Secretary Xi Jinping governing philosophy, Tsinghua University and director of the Department of philosophy of Huang Yusheng buy air max shoes online experts all have the responsibility to stop the academic as God making movement tools, of course, the Xinhua news agency two poem, a song even death
Nike Air Force One High Women Shoes in the urban thick arms even destroyed in the explosion of Tianjin scale they will head forward because they love this country and the big parade, please read China, a song you back my eyes Hello sound tracts I’m going to rip off my chest you in the back of my eyes, very upset. Look around, William Yeats in Laoshan more and more noisy quail. Everyone can express their feelings and attitudes in their own way, but if only the sound of the Laoshan quail without with Yu Sheng Huang, such as the sound, we will usher in a darker future. Was not spoken of the ability level, had to dig out buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online around the 20th March 2013 written before, i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the
Womens Nike Air Force 1 Mid High 150914015vulgar social and intellectual responsibility, heavy stick and a kind of attitude. 1 a social spirit, since ancient times, have a great relationship with the behavior of intellectuals. Modern, Russian intellectuals bear suffering destiny does not yield, adhere to moral principles did not buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online give up on themselves, to the world left a valuable spiritual wealth; France’s Dreyfus
Nike Air Force One Low Women Shoes Affair, Zola rallying, wrote I accuse!, opened an era. Listen to the call of conscience, not dependent on struggling quality, almost became the intellectual label. In the traditional society of China, and there is no modern intellectuals, those in among the high temple retreat at the far
Nike Air Force One Low Men Shoes corners of the reader, called they are bureaucrats reserve team. In the traditional impression that they learn as teachers, behavior anomie. Shi Zhi in the road, Kong Zi taught his disciples, Chi Yu Tao, according to Germany, according to Jen, swim in the arts, who became advocates of basic social value maintenance. He later outstanding disciples, are taking the opportunity to the world heart, for Shengmin destiny is to st following Juexue, for eternal peace. Despite the wealth and pomp, poor and lowly, also can is not prostitution, unyielding, shift, Renzhong Hony, Zhuang Jing selfimprovement, though thousands of people, I am going to take a tumble. This is the modern intellectuals fan children. But in the traditional hierarchy in society, the status of scholar more show exalted, beauty education, shift customs, they bear the role of social education, social spirit of the foundry, orthodoxy of the stick, the pillar of the state. So, once the country lost its sense of propriety, not fourdimensional Zhang, this country will face disaster. So face the crisis in the late Qing Dynasty, advocated improved change of Gong Zizhen, will be issued in such a voice: scholar knows there is shame, national permanent shamelessness; Shi no shame for the country the big shame Infamous shoulder charge to bear the son of peasants and workers, disgrace; rich and shameless person and insult their home; shameless scholar, in the name of the said country humiliation; shameless bureaucrats, name Yue sajik insulting. No 0

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