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satellite TV year final exam sprint Jiangsu TV [time: October 19

satellite TV year final exam sprint Jiangsu TV [time: October 19, 2012 09:18] [source: Xinhua entertainment] [Author:] [editor: Yang dong; 2012, the TV arena be raging like a storm. In the local TV senior high school entrance examination period, Jiangsu TV nance won the championship. Disposable e cigarette According to the reporter, as of October E-CIGARETTE CHINA 6th, the city of CSM71 night Jiangsu TV ratings to 0.988% is still ranked first. In the last year, the Spring Festival, the final exam pace of Mechanical Mod and RDA the sprint stage, in the face of the upcoming November ad investment season, the various TV will be how to make what action, in the quality of drama and variety shows blowout of the ratings of the success of the breakthrough? In other TV are no big movement situation, Jiangsu satellite TV has resorted to a combination of their! : Taijiquan boxing way, the coolest folk style aimed at older age groups features: old and solid, Neiwaijianxiu, Killing with
Kindness br the divine comedy is a kind of magic, may inadvertently poke in the audience spread, thunder to cover the ears not pir
ates jingle bells jingle explosion of red in
the streets, there is a God dance in China, around the streets of the E-CIG CHINA large square, not hype has hundreds of millions of fans, that is very Chinese characteristics of square dance! On 22 October Monday 22 o’clock in the evening, Jiangsu Satellite TV, another way to launch the most gorgeous national wind aims to select best quality civilian square dance team.
If we say that the marriage of the you are the one participant in the young single men and women, the most flattering national wind is the square dance as the carrier, in order to participate in the elderly population, which is the first in the history of Chinese TV ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA lock in the square dance program. p after selecting a North and South Division to Jiangsu Satellite TV, initially only for dancing and dancing, finally actually served as the role of cultural exchange, intergenerational communication, even their own could have imagined, producer Zhang Yedi thinks this is the magical function of the God dance. Our program participants were on average 60 years old, and I think this should be the average age for China. Through the years the elderly have more stories to be told, they are old and solid, old but vigorous. If, for example, I think the most unusual national wind as the Chinese Taijiquan, it is a internally and externally, with softness of program, and is particularly suitable for the elderly to participate in. To participate in the program can dance a strong body, but also can obtain the warmth and love through the program, so that it is externally. And it is different and other programs
for another feature is the softness, we have no fooling around, nor the how gorgeous dance skills. We can only hope that through the square dance this form and make Hot E Cig kits active appear on the screen in the main square in the elderly, let more people sincere concern every;

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