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send emergency instructions to the relevant national radiation environmental monitoring unit

since January 6th, North Korea announced the successful bomb after the experiment, the world would become so peaceful. China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, as well as other relevant countries, have communication, consultation. North Korea’s amazing move, it is indeed difficult to calm. On the one hand, everyone thinking or sanctions or pressure and prevent further expansion of the situation? And the compartments that Kim Jong Un is unashamedly highprofile appearances, highprofile recognition. p, the prequel to the news, China’s Ministry of environmental protection in North Korea announced the hydrogen bomb test success, the first time started radiological emergency plans in response to North Korea’s nuclear I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women test, send emergency instructions to the relevant national radiation environmental monitoring unit, to carry out a comprehensive radiation environment emergency monitoring for the northeast and the surrounding areas, and Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men on the morning of January 7, in the Jilin Province Changbai Mountain the AC Erdaobaihe town set up front emergency command, by the environmental protection director of Department of nuclear facilities safety supervision department vice director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration Guo Chengzhan served as commander in c
Womens Nike Free Nubuck 4.0 V3 141226050hief. Input emergency personnel more than 500 people, nearly a hundred emergency monitoring vehicles. Comprehensive, coordinated border line emergency monitoring and technical judgment and ensure the environmental safety of the Northeast China border and the surrounding areas of radiation. China’s environmental protection department of the establishment of the emergency command, somewhat surprising. From it, at least four intriguing messages are revealed. , one of China’s unilateral establishment of the emergency command, said the North Korean communication, coordination and active response to a little passive. According to reports,
Nike Free 4.0 V3 Women Shoes Online Sale the North Korean nuclear test several times, are at least half an hour before the notice of the United States and China . However, the hydrogen bomb test did Nike Air Max Sale For kids not inform us. As for North Korea after the hydrogen bomb test success, whether informed the Chinese side, and whether relevant matters of the interpretation, from Kim Jong Un usual pies and the aforementioned report did not mention North Korea, fear is not optimistic. I buy Nike air foamposite one p the first time established emergency command, described as active, but in any case, this is after North Korea hydrogen bomb test, after all, showing somewhat passive. And the whole process without the I love Nike air foamposite pro relevant data to provide relevant data, participate in the aftermath, but also show us a little in response to North Korea’s official powerless.
Nike Free 4.0 Women Shoes Online Sale p in fact, North Korea is absolutely necessary as to why in the border of nuclear and hydrogen bomb test, and the relevant information, data and impact assessment, to China briefing. Unfortunately, North Korea is likely to be reluctant or not to do so. Second that China attaches great importance to the DPRK hydrogen bomb test and
Nike Free Running Shoes Online Sale its influence I like Nike foamposite one to China may have, for the first time emergency dispatch, to defend, to deal with the Chinese may be produced by nuclear radiation. it is reported that the Ministry of environmental protection in China has made a thorough

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