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Small civil war military veterans have blood debts not subsidize

Small civil war military veterans have blood debts not subsidize, good experts say the Weiyang Wolong Global Times August 12 reported? University of national defense scientific research department compiled Minister Xu Sen said: some people do not understand, why take the Civil War veterans can not enjoy the treatment? After the war of resistance against Japan, the Kuomintang to provoke civil war, the Kuomintang army swung at gunpoint Liberation Army and the people’s is completely regime of Chiang Kai Shek to work oneslf to the bone. Enemy Disposable e cigarette of the people, to shoot people, there are ones who have not simply weighed against the people. According to the requirements of the central authorities, the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to the part of the surviving four kinds of war veterans, old comrades issued a onetime grant of life 5000 yuan. This is in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war eve, the country and the people of these national hero once again praise and salute. Four kinds of clear boundaries, the general name of the banner coerced care for veterans participated in the civil war, his hands were stained with the blood E-CIG CHINA of a communist Kuomintang war criminals block at the door. Even if there are people in the later civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China, and that it is not
their fault, they just soldiers, not the commanderinchief. The first duty of a soldier is to obey orders, was recognized by the military government is the Republic of China, the Kuomintang army obey government orders, what is wrong? Even if in accordance with the losers are always in the wrong. They ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA later or uprising surrender and become a member of the people’s Liberation Army PLA, then there is no reason to discriminate against them? Or is defeated and
captured in China, not the traditional treatment of prisoners of war? He
did not eat to give prisoners eat, the sinfulness of Japanese we can treat the case, why the same is the Chinese KMT veterans can not tolerate? Not to mention, civil war has ended a cycle of sixty years, even those thickheaded not killing Chinese soldiers and civilians of the nations, in the mainland the decades, the subject of crime has already received, the to and they counted the accounts
had been settled, really guilty of the most heinous crimes had received the trial gun shoot. Alive is when the government think they sin not unto death, our broad mind reformatory education with over and become part of the people to strive for, why to now our government but also think they an unpardonable crime, hate they are no less important than the Japanese devils hate it? Say, even if they are stained with the tail of a war born carry gun, today has 70 years of age, after the civil war harships 10 years of the Cultural Revolution hell Mechanical Mod and RDA on earth, they have a few residual drag out an ignoble existence? Not to mention the birth of a gun to carry only Superman can do! Normal is 20 years old soldier and many were caught sanctuary, live up to now the youngest to more than 90 years old, the no more than five hundred people alive, even Hot E Cig kits send them a thousand bucks. Let them about life estimate, reflect what the government of humanity, but also to the government of the poor do not eat? Why in this kind of spending at least money can win a piece of people to show their image of things, but made a confused? Many ministers say they fight the people, to shoot people, there are ones who have not simply weighed against the people. Wang E-CIGARETTE CHINA Ching Wei then known as the anti fighter, then degenerated as the number one traitor, today cannot let he merits and demerits offset, to overturn the traitors. Therefore,
in this part of the population difference treat

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