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control panel for the control of the rhythm of the market down to send those signals? : remember the fence Guping most harm! We are absolutely not the fence. The market is not an important turning point, we will not
Charles Barkley Shoes Online Sale easily change the point of view! Be sure to understand. In particular bear market is not allowed to the rhythm of the market. To make money, basically empty talk! This blog will be tough technical analysis. As the vulnerable groups to solve problems! Note: my original Luoyang securities, Wuzhou securities research and development department, Donghai securities investment advisory Bingtui work! people to support the market fell from the rhythm control signal? people to support the market fell rhythm control.
Charles Barkley Posite Max Mens Shoes Online Sale Which signals are sent out? Monday with A shares continued to deteriorate the stock market. As well as the domestic bad economy continued to heat up, the stock market continued to fall. Once again
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Mens Charles Barkley Shoes MCBS02ional market, the stock market crash, the impact of this vicious circle. In early two, A shares, respectively, 1.84% and 1.92% appeared sharply lower again! With the official main fear of the stock market fell sharply. Artificially manipulated brokerage, banking, insurance. Some big heavyweight stocks, Zilazichang pulled support. Stock index rebounded quickly back up sharply in early trading gap. Barely rosy, but the downturn in market sentiment, follow the trend of less and less. Make the stock index, up and down dilemma weak shocks to rise 0.08%, 1.04% closing! Two city turnover were 85 billion 900 million, 141 billion 400 million closing! official main, human control of the market fell rhythm. Does the market signal the bottom? Can not be fried at the end of it? In this: we believe that: in the market did not come out before the bottom signal! Should continue to adhere to the point of view before last Thursday! Resistant Heart waiting for the market to send a signal of confidence! Do not blindly listen to media experts, Hot Blog, some fence flicker! need to re Times clearly pointed out: the historical experience tells us’ bear do not grab small level rebound! Bull market does not do small level post! And the current technical form so bad special reminder: there is no rebound in the market conditions do not exist! Even if official control counter. The counter, the risk is much greater than the profit? We fans rebound, and what is the meaning? So please fans and friends, continue to pay attention to the following comments! I believe that more than watching it, will be more than a harvest! but Need to be special to remind is: Chinese characteristics people

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