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strong a large entertainment Guangxi TV tourism program where to go on weekends Yizhou boot Beibei is xiudou] photo strong [20140126 introduction

strong a E-CIGARETTE CHINA large entertainment Guangxi TV tourism program where to go on weekends Yizhou boot Beibei is xiudou] photo strong [20140126 introduction, 1 on 23 days, to show the beautiful scenery of Guangxi as the background, to all around the clothes, food, living, behavior, interspersed with a variety of games, reflecting Guangxi Guangxi TV public channel large entertainment tourism program, the weekend to go, which is a Guangxi music industry entertainment, performing arts and other celebrities from all walks of life show, will be in Guangxi TV broadcast in the near future. p
show invited Guangxi original music Zhaoyu Lijiang combination of the sky, Guangxi famous host starlight, television presenter Li Zhenyi, Guangxi Arts Institute show professional teachers college Lv Yuanning, actor Zhou Zhuo, seven celebrities joining featuring show the guests laugh. Program production team of 40 people. p entertainment spirit, customs as the theme of where to go
on weekends style of the program has strong entertainment, the entertainment tourism program characteristic
s is the music throughout the, every place, there are famous musicians Zhaoyu writing a song for when to local conditions and customs of the song, the song is combination of ethnic and popular. Program to ease, E-CIG CHINA fashion as the keynote, to walk, discovery, experience as the theme, the star of the visual display of fresh experience, leading the trend of tourism
consumption, Guangxi is currently the largest, shooting the most comprehensive, complete and realtime recording of the
local characteristics of the television program. people to travel Hot E Cig kits the earliest positioning is leisure and entertainment, and later evolved into a form of life. But no matter what time, travel is a kind of dynamic behavior of pleasure. In recent years, the establishment of the golden perimeter false, tourism has become the best living condition of modern people. As more Disposable e cigarette and more travel enthusiasts, the formation of the tourism information needs of the market, and television this diversity of carriers is the best tool for carrying ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA tourism information to meet the needs of the walker, but has been difficult to break through the Mechanical Mod and RDA traditional documentary film, tourism information broadcast and other forms, since tourism is a pleasure, entertainment, then the form of entertainment shows, will be the development trend of future tourism. Guangxi public television channel where to go on weekends conforms to the trend, the tourism and gaming, music together, with cars as the main means of transport, to record, discovering, exploring, understanding, and certification for the mission, the Guangxi beauty, beauty, beauty, wine beauty, beauty, food, virtue, reputation, Merlot, dream into television, the audience easily into each city unique cultures, customs, history, culture, landscape, folk, and effectively by means of entertainment vividly, the interpretation of these symbols, to the Fang Quanxin

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