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strong: strong [Abstract] this smart bike will also comes with power function

strong: strong [Abstract] this smart bike will also comes with power function, but also for smart phones and other external connected devices in charge. Tencent Technology Le Tian October 22nd news, Baidu IDL deep learning labs today confirmed that it is a secret for a smart bike OS operating system research and development program. In the future, China’s traditional bicycle manufacturers to produce ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA each bicycle, perhaps will be fitted with a smart Baidu brain. And the first car equipped with the smart bike prototype DuBike by Baidu and Tsinghua University jointly build, is expected to in the fourth quarter and the public meet. is being developed in the secret of the smart bike OS by Baidu IDL deep learning labs lead to plan to Baidu’s brain as the core engine, navigation, social, health monitoring, and other functions of the package ride map,
intelligent recommendation route and fitness program, and then through the platform, the interface Hot E Cig kits of the way, for all bike manufacturers to help traditional bicycle manufacturers towards intelligent upgrade. p the first car equipped with DuBike Baidu sm
art bike operating system prototype vehicle, by Baidu depth learning Mechanical Mod and RDA lab with Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Information Art and design department and the Department of industrial design work together to create. According to Disposable e cigarette the exposure of the rendering of the map, the body of the intelligent and design of its body fusion operation. from features, DuBike by the installation of intelligent sensing system on the bike
and with a health data management and social functions of the APP, the integrated sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control, big data analysis and many other technologies, according to the driver’s location, urban traffic and environmental quality, riding habits and personality needs and other factors analysis, automatic planning customized path, and through multidimensional sensor collection of user riding information, such as heart rate, mileage, frequency, speed, calorie consumption, etc After
the analysis of the brain by E-CIGARETTE CHINA Baidu , the user can guide the user through voice interaction and body interface, and to build up a large cloud data health file. Through the app and cloud data, DuBike will also establish a cycling activities social network, provide based on Baidu map route design, the recommendation and analysis function and open health smart equipment account system, based on health data collected were analyzed, making training plans for the
rider. p Baidu says, this smart bike will also comes with power function, in addition to meet but also for smart phones and other external connection equipment charging. With the car comes with the GPS can help the owner to determine the location of the bike in realtime, to prevent the loss. create a bicycle intelligent OS operating system, can be regarded as Baidu open big data engine extended thinking. Baidu big data engine including open cloud, E-CIG CHINA data factory and Baidu brain three core components. Baidu will open its big data storage, analysis and intelligent processing and other core capabilities through the platform and interface mode

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