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strong: strong with the concentration of the size of the market

strong: strong with the concentration of the size of the market, strong get stronger, the weak weaker Matthew effect will become increasingly apparent, innovative fresh business website is more difficult to have one’s day, to localize some players with big players PK time window is reduced, he has difficult again like these companies that can access to a large number of users.Href= electricity suppliers in the field has not been captured the last fort fresh electricity suppliers are ushered in the new capital plan stage, a new round of capital feast is slowly open. 8 on January 1,, COFCO’s I bought the network announced the acquisition of B round of financing of $1 billion, IDG capital investment led, a round collar vote Saif chase investment a round invested $37m, creating a domestic food business, including the fresh electricity supplier in the field of financing. This is the IDG capital over the years in the electricity business industry’s largest investment. p coincidentally, at the end of July, vertical fresh business
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Red Blackoriginally life also claimed that a pen financing completed in January of this year, in April this year, the funds in place. according to sources, the headquarters is located in Shanghai, Yi fruit has been acquired by ali. In this regard, href= , the other said not to comment. While anecdotal, Huarun also approached and shop No. 1, to be close to the arm. However, the shop responded by 1 rumors. plus in May of this year, the U.S. electricity suppliers giant href= Amazon 2000 million shares of Shanghai local vertical fresh electricity suppliers seven seven. p all the signs indicate that fresh business this electricity supplier in the field of had the most difficult to chew bones seems to usher in the dawn after the inflection point, in the excellent dish network, housekeeper dishes become martyrs, the rest of the group internationally has established trade barriers, capital also began to accelerate the shot, investment heat wave has been hit. trillion market to be tapped capital sought after I bought a net CEO Zhao Pingyuan told reporters that the current fresh has become the largest food I bought a net sales category. Just a few months ago, Amazon has also bought a net and I have been in contact with the investment of the olive branch, but eventually I bought the network to choose the IDG. p in fact, fresh electricity supplier in the field in addition to the platform level player Ali, Jingdong, preferred SF, I bought a net, shop No. 1, and almost all of the vertical electric business at the ongoing loss of phase. in a sustained loss, why can attract capital

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