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Su Ning is like a highway

Su Ning is like a highway, unlimited connection of the traditional enterprise. This is today August 10th, Suning big Boss Zhang Jindong in the first Internet retail summit in Nanjing, the signal, but also the next new play. future, Suning will open to the whole society, driven by the online and offline small partners to play together, including import, export and interface three aspects: entry: in the past you and Suning cooperation may only pick the entrance, and now we will logistics, finance, big data, each link is made into an independent product, so that they have become the entrance of the highspeed public access to Suning Internet retail. export: strong four terminal fusion, extending in all directions of exports, is the result, different commodities can choice a and user recently, most responsive to the consumption habits of exports reach users. For example, the traditional home appliances, consumers may be more willing to buy in the store; and similar to food and drink, and many other products are directly on the phone to buy. Rural
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Blackcharacteristics of agricultural products, through fresh channels, Chinese characteristics, etc., to social marketing channels recommended to the user. interface: Suning to open mind and Baidu, Wanda link, be perpendicular and horizontal. In today Suning the Internet retail summit summit, Zhang Jindong, and Baidu CEO Robin Li, head of Wang Jianlin, Wanda coefficient debut, to the outside world in a Soviet million new lakes positioned. And just, Ali also announced a strategic investment of 28300000000 yuan Suning, Ma Yun also unveiled the scene. in my opinion, this is all based on the scene of the Scene of the open battle, Internet retail to reconstruct the market ecology, Baidu, Wanda, Ali, millet, Samsung, SONY, a large number of participating companies involved, the most decisive battle in the history of the Soviet Union into a key crossroads. This strategy on open platform and many enterprises together without them. The open road argues has Putian cover. Here, I just want to talk about integration of the online and offline the scene ecological business potential. Because of the is the Internet Internet scene, everyone, you have no, I have you, this is represent the general trend. the socalled scene, film and television language, refers to the specific time in space, or because of the relationship between the specific images, different scenes constitute a complete story. In the entire electricity suppliers and Internet retail, only a different scenario is the eternal shopping, is the real driving force of shopping. Scene is very important. The basic necessities of life, including logistics, finance and so on are consumption scenarios. electricity suppliers have been Jingdong executives Wu sound had written, after Ali era, the scene will reshape the electricity suppliers of products, marketing, channels and connections, the more crossborder

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