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Tencent Heng Qiang is still strong

Tencent Heng Qiang is still strong, can be seen from the annual report of 2013 Tencent, Tencent revenue 60437000000 yuan, an increase of 38%; in 2013 fourth quarter, Tencent total revenue of 16970000000 yuan $2783000000, an increase of 9% the previous quarter, growth of 40% over the previous year. you know, Tencent last year and this year’s action, Tencent to $448000000 stake in Sogou, public comment network of strategic investment, accounting for approximately 20% of the shares, Tencent paid $214000000 in cash, and the QQ online shopping, patted the electricity supplier and logistics departments incorporated jingdong. Easy fast will continue to operate as an independent brand, Jingdong Yi Xun will hold a minority stake in the future, Tencent will subscribe to the offer price of Jingdong an additional 5% of the shares. Tencent entered the public comment and Jingdong are objective, two stake in WeChat as an important interface, and rely on the WeChat payment support. On flow and pay the entrance, open up other resources, is the focus of the two trading Tencent. Thus, Tencent O2O strategic competence. and Ma Huateng and Ma Yun, through the social attributes and attributes of the electricity supplier through the layout of the mobile terminal has been the strategic points, which in the future O2O contest becomes more prominent. From Tencent’s annual report can be seen, one of the advantages of network game is Tencent, QQ game platform PCU number 8500000, an increase of 4% the previous quarter, down 3% over the previous year. Tencent also significantly benefit from the international market hero alliance, crossing the line of fire, underground city and warrior, the sword of the spirit and other contributions to the increase and domestic new PC games. With the rapid development of the mobile gaming market, Tencent QQ game center on the phone and micro letters, including a series of selfdeveloped and three party games for smartphones. and colleagues compared with NetEase tour at the end of the tour, the advantages of the gradual loss of mobile games, not only is the blossom or sowing date, and Tencent contrasts. QQ and QQ space to maintain the leading position in China’s communication and social networking, I believe many people have now QQ QQ, the total monthly active accounts representing a slight increase of 1% to 2013 by the end of 808000000, and the highest at the same time online accounts grew by 2% to 180000000. This year, with enhanced user experience and rich services such as game centers, Tencent QQ mobile phone user base expanded significantly. At the end of 2013, QQ intelligent terminal monthly active accounts grew by 74%, to 426000000. The QQ space, the total monthly active accounts grew by 4% to 2013 by the end of 625000000. The 2013 annual mobile terminal users active degree and participation has improved, from the QQ space intelligent terminal monthly active accounts grew intelligent terminal monthly active accounts grew by 63% to 416000000 and mobile phone QQ space to upload pictures to prove the significant increase in the amount of. micro channel and WeChat after QQ, its monthly active.

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