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Tesla Chinese District layoffs hundreds 3 month 6 days of messages

Tesla Chinese District layoffs hundreds 3 month 6 days of messages, the reporter learns, Tesla Chinese is a largescale layoffs, at present the confirmation statement is to cut nearly 30% employees. According to the present Chinese Tesla around 600 employees scale, means that it will cut nearly 180 people. Tesla Chinese insiders revealed to reporters: now in addition to technical support and responsible for charging network project and a few departments have not hear the wind, sales, market, public relations, administration of several departments have been downsizing. Each department layoffs proportions vary, such as sales personnel more departments to cut 50%. In fact, layoffs from before the Spring Festival has already started. When the argument is that, in order to save costs to cut a portion of the sales and after sale service personnel. But now it seems, this retrenchment crisis is to spread wider. Xiaobian comments: first is the three executives turnover, is now hundreds of layoffs, visible Tesla sales in Chinese area let musk very dissatisfaction. But in the downsizing, Mask also think: the reason is The climate does not suit one., itself is not decentralization or products? Ali tide lifting of the ban: 400000000 new shares will flow into the market near Beijing time on March 6th morning news, Alibaba lockup period is over, the company insiders to be sold in March 18th 429000000 new shares. Executives and investors are usually undertaken in the enterprise IPO after a period of time not to sell stock, this period is called the lock up period, the purpose is to early investor protection level two market. After the March tide lifting of the ban, Alibaba shareholders will also usher in a larger wave of the lifting of the ban in September this year, when the size of the lifting of the ban will reach 1600000000 shares. Xiaobian comments: if you miss Alibaba IPO also don’t upset, because once you can buy a large number of new Alibaba stock. But the stock market risk, the need to be cautious. Samsung pushing $30000 hightech Kennel this week, Samsung unveiled named dream kennel Dream Doghouse of new products, R amp; D and manufacturing cost as much as $thirty thousand, mainly for technology fancier dog owners group. It is reported, Samsung research and development of hightech kennel spent six weeks time, the kennel has a total of two regions, one is the rest and leisure area, another is the restaurant and entertainment district, the kennel also configured some outdoor area. The kennel configuration a Doggy treadmill, a water SPA system, a call to ring the bell, the dog inside configuration of exquisite wallpaper, another plugin friends and family photos, kennel top skylight, also internal and a fastfood automatically receive equipment. Xiaobian comments: This is SamSung is apple desperate after the move? But it also proved, Samsung Electronics business field is very extensive. Only

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