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The chief trader authorized industry hands in this not be completely reclaiming market

The chief trader authorized industry hands in this not be completely reclaiming market, Zhang Lihua is a brave soldier. Wen Qu Lin Zhang Lihua’s business is brand authorization management, tens of millions of assets of the network popular animation image Ali is her new customers. The beginning of the end of 2012 after cooperation, she immediately put before all the overthrow of the original product strategy, those who enter the circulation channel of pillow and sheets and the like, so low low end. In Zhang Lihua’s PPT, to be listed is highgrade candy Ali, design of the full sense of the shoes. Because of this small fox is art and special Q, she also made a musical authorization, the schedule in this year. Ali CEO Jen in 2007 and Zhang Lihua know, this has become a partner from a friend. He told Zhang Lihua, hope Ali derivatives shoulder to shoulder Hello Kitty, but Zhang Lihua think, Ali thought than Hello Kitty, more international fan. Almost all China Licensing companies will claim to be China largest brand authorization management operators, Zhang Lihua laugh out of court. Her company Day Network Bank Shanghai Brand Management Company Limited hereinafter referred to as the day of network bank, the customer is the twentieth Century Fawkes studios 20th Century Fox, referred to as DreamWorks, LOCKamp;LOCK, Mertes Bonwe; a deck of cards in her hand, contains the pleasant goat, Ali, Kung Fu Panda and the ice age, the Titanic and other Chinese and foreign brands. Zhang Lihua authorized the industry for 9 years. In 2012, the total sales of licensed products through her nearly 1500000000 yuan. Now to talk to customers, she added: if you don’t find us, your brand is likely in the China can not do it. She has a despot reason, this thing can play in our hands, in the hands of others not. interesting complex business 2004 years, Zhang Lihua is ready to move to a media company, just pass the interview, but finds herself pregnant. She did not want to idle at home, but they intend to do business. learning costume design she do in SHARP copier earliest China marketing team for 8 years, then went to the Japanese funded enterprises She had contacted the authorized business: 15 of the world’s population in China, the retail industry will be broke. South Korea’s Samsung only less than 10% of the revenue from the country, the other is the foreign market share, brand China almost no open foreign markets. Since China is lack of brand, well, I’ll sell the brand in the market. nine years ago, authorized industry in the world is the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, China accounted for only less than 1% of output value. Chinese brand does not understand the authorization, treat it as a marginal business, foreign brands although attention,

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